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Thread: ****MY FAVORITE SOURCES Part III****

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    A lot of guys have been hitting me up needing trusted sources. I will be adding to this list as we go along. To get a Steve approval you must not only have great products, but also great overall customer service.. and you must maintain that high standard to remain on this thread. remember I am not responsible for any monetary loss, there are no guarantees, you are buying PED's here not books off amazon. but these are my recommendations and they are g2g as of right now, so please keep checking back

    if you need a domestic source, send me a visitor message or post on here asking for one

    1. They have a banner up top. Solid gear, been using them for a long time.

    2. HGH source. (formerly mailorderhgh) is the name of the website. you can use stevesmi10 for a 10% discount or crushcovid25 for 25% off
    sister site: Live in Canada? Customs is a bitch and a lot of sources won't even bother to ship there. is in Canada and you can use stevesmi10 or staystrong25. They also do ship to the USA.

    4. N2bm. sells all your go to supplements

    6. sarms: they ship worldwide

    7. BLOODWORK.. click this link to learn how to get blood work WITHOUT needing to go to a doctor
    here is the link and code for blood work :
    and code : T34TU2 saves you 10% always

    8. Consultations: if you need further help with cycles, dosages, steroid help, pct help, sarm's, nutrition, diet, weight training, etc etc. I offer 30 minute skype consults for $99, 1 hour for $159, and email consults for a flat fee (contact for pricing). I bring over 15 years experience with steroids and 25 years experience with diet and weight training, moderating the 2 largest forums on earth. I have over 1000 published articles and podcasts. Stop wasting your time and let me help you get the most out of your body. simply drop me a visitor or private message and I will message you how to get a hold of me.

    REMEMBER if you can't PM yet then drop me a visitor message or simply post on this thread requesting it. and I will get back to you usually within 24 hours!

    PS: I also wanted to mention I have 3 Ebooks out. First is on a 12 week bulking steroid cycle for anyone who wants a simple, short and easy to follow guide on bulking. The 2nd is a guide to water fasting. The 3rd is cutting and shredding down via diet and anabolic steroids 12 week cycle. The books are very affordable and are well worth it, you can purchase them on amazon here>>
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