New Year New Cycle.

test E as a base of course.
GW501516 aka Cardarine

Goal is always the same:
Improve - Improve - Improve

We're still in lockdown here.
Hoping for the gyms to reopen in February, I start injecting these oils.

For the moment I'm quiet, in maintenance and try to do what I can at home with the few tools I have.
Among other things, I donated a barbell and some weight to a bikini girl that has to compete in April and has nothing to train.

When I can go back to the gym I will take the new injectable anadrol from the Euro-Pharmacies gold series.
So to have a good kick in the ass to get back to pushing hard in a short time.

Further on I also have the injectable tbol, to try this too.

I will keep this log for the long term, and show what boldenone has to offer, and open dedicated threads for other individual products.

This is not a cycle for humans, but for crazy competition horses!
Stay tuned you will see lots of horse meat pass by here.

to the whole PSL team
and to Euro-Pharmacies for its fantastic products.

The new gold series rocks!!!

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