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Thread: PSL site.

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    PSL site.

    Apprently, some low life turd reported to ICAAN, so they suspended the domain. Some people are real assholes, but we all know there's a witch hunt on.

    They will never be able to keep dope out of sport, but it looks good to the couch potatoes who feel obliged to whine about whatever they can, and it helps the doctors make lotsa money from all the poor bastards out there who have testosterone deficiency, obesity and erectile dysfunction. Besides, it helps out the government as well, the more elderly people who are deficient in Testosterone, the quicker the old bastards will die, saving all that money in pensions.

    You think your doctor wants to CURE you? Wake up and small the coffee, he wants to treat the SYMPTOMS, so it keeps him, the pill peddlers and the high street pharmacies in business. It defeats all their objectives if you can buy testosterone and HGH without paying for a script and being ripped off by the pharma corporations.

    Anyway, for anyone who doesn't know, they haven't been busted. The site for th time being is, they still deliver good stuff to anywhere in Europe, posted from within the EU, so for anyone in Europe or the UK, I've been using their stuff for over 2 years and never had a problem. The service is good, the packaging excellent and they are very helpful both for advice and in case of a problem.

    I guess if you are a Russiaphobe, it's all Putins fault. (Doesn't matter what for - EVERYTHING!)

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    Read All Reviews do you know they didnt get busted? you there sitting in the headquarters HQ of their operation? or this is word of mouth from the "new" psl?...i think its a legit question...are they busted and site moved by feds to get info on customers? ...who knows...always ask questions
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