I have been lurking a long time I already searched about the sides of tren a usually appear after only 4-5 days and one of the reviews on it said he noticed it greatly by 5 days.

Maybe it's not a long time to find out, but I have been on RadJay's Tren A and Test e for a week now and have had no side affects. Am I just lucky or do I need to be more patient and wait? I didn't have any sides from a Basic Test E cycle other than having a lot of acne and I know it was legit because I did bloods before and on week 7 of the test e cycle, So maybe I just don't get a lot of side affects but from reading everything about Tren it is kind of hard to avoid not getting sides.

I am starting at 50mg/ed of Tren A and 125mg Test E/e3d so I was wondering if anyone had any more reviews of RadJay's Tren A cause I only seen one real indepth review. I also play a lot of soccer so I do notice initially I get winded quickly but after awhile it seems to be under control. No night sweats or a hard time sleeping or any extra aggression.