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Thread: Roidmass: Delivered as Expected

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    Roidmass: Delivered as Expected

    Hey everyone,

    This is my first post here but I have been watching the boards for a couple of months now. There's definitely some good info on here. This board is actually the reason i decided to try out RM. I have used only 1 other source in the past (won't name names) and their products were usually pretty legit. I have the blood work to prove it. But recently they've been receiving pretty shitty reviews. I know that some people could be petty and just hating, bashing, trolling, whatever. But I decided to look around and see what else was out there. RM obviously comes highly recommended from these boards. I googled around and some other boards seems to bash RM & Berd Pharma. These are probably the same people bashing the other source I used. So you have to take these posts with a grain of salt. There's A LOT of haters and trolls out there...

    Anyways. I put in an order with RM for:
    • 6 Test E
    • Var
    • Aromasin

    Delivery took about 2 weeks from the order being placed and showing up at my door. The packaging was very professional and discrete. Tadeas was very responsive and helpful throughout the process. I haven't had a chance to try out the products yet but so far everything has gone smooth and looks legit. I plan on running this stuff over the summer so when I do I'll be sure to start a thread about my progress. I'm stoked to start it because of all of the positive reviews I've read. I'd start it sooner but I'm finishing up some other stuff and will take 6-8 weeks off before jumping back on.

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    brother roidmass is golden to evo family....great feedback...
    Want to know Source info? Check Approved Sources section on Evo!

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