Apologies for posting a similar post to the one of mine in the general steroids and PEDs section and I dont mean to offend anyone but I seem to be running in a giant circle at this point and it's frustrating as hell. I also figured this section would be more appropriate for my question/concern.

I've been trying to do my due diligence literally all day for a week now going through as many forums/sites as possible. One forum praises a source since its their sponsor and another bashes it since its not their sponsor and vice versa. Is this just how it is with forums? No matter where I go I can't come to a solid confirmation on a source

As well, I came across this video with lab test results at 4:18 showing PR, PP, and NS to all pass (NS had 100.2% on their powders). I've found a lot of people bashing these sources to the ground and recommending their sponsored source instead, meanwhile they all pass to be legit in this guys test

I just want some legit nutrobal as I'm young and DO NOT want to get sent some prohormone bs and mess myself up

If anyone can reply or pm me steering me in the right direction it would be extremely helpful and appreciated

Thank you!