What is HCGenerate ES?

HCGenerate ES is the “Extra Strength” big brother the world famous HCGenerate product. HCGenerate ES was specifically formulated to do the exact same thing as HCGenerate, with the added bonus of adding more lead to your pencil. The additional ingredients are focused on providing the optimum environment for the very best erections of your life.

How is HCGenerate ES similar to the HCGenerate we all know and love?

A full bottle of HCGenerate classic is inside of every bottle of HCGenerate ES… The N2BM product development team started with the HCGenerate formula as the base for this product and built from there. So you get all of the ingredients you would in HCGenerate classic, but they are bumped up to a heavier dose. Fadogia and Fenugreek both are bumped up from 1,000mg all the way to 1,200mg per serving, and every other ingredients gets a minimum 15% bump up in dosage, to just make it all stronger.

How is HCGenerate ES different from the classic HCGenerate?

In order to earn the “Extra Strength” sticker on its bottle, this version of the product had to pack some new compounds that would enhance the overall effects of the formula. The N2BM R&D team decided to put cost aside and just make the very best formula they could for the discerning bodybuilder, the guys who really need this stuff. The very best product was made, regardless if a distributor or store would ever want to buy it. They just didn’t care about meeting some dollar amount price for middle men, they just went to work on creating the ultimate cycle support product they would want to use themselves on every cycle, and HCGenerate “Extra Strength” was born.
The addition of Ginseng at an incredible 80% potency, gives the user a nice brain buzz after each dose, and increases blood flow where you want it most.
Basella Alba was included in this version since new research has led many experts to now believe this herb helps the leydig cell become more sensitive to the effects of LH and LSH.

Horney Goat Weed now appears in the formula, it is now used world-wide for its effects in making for hard erections, and some scientist theorize it may be due to its inhibiting effects on the PDE5 enzyme, the same way Cialis and Viagra work. HCGenerate ES contains 40% potency extract, the highest potency available on the market.
You will also find new in the ES formula Mucuna Pruriens Extract at 99% L-Dopa, a great inhibitor of prolactin which should affect erections positively.
Indole-3-Carbinol was added to the formula to help inhibit estrogen production enough to allow for better male sexual functions.

Why do bodybuilders and athletes use HCGenerate ES?

HCGenerate ES has three main uses:
-Taken during cycle to minimize on-cycle suppression from Steroid use, so that recovery during PCT is much easier.
-Taken after cycle as part of a Post-Cycle Therapy protocol, to help recover HTPA functions and get off the drugs.
-Used in-between cycles to increase natural testosterone production, increase erectile strength and to give you a boost in the gym, even while not using any steroids.

How do you take HCGenerate ES?

-Taken during cycle to minimize on-cycle: Take 2 to 3 tablets every day with food.

-Taken after cycle as part of a Post-Cycle Therapy protocol, to help recover HTPA functions: Take 5 tablets per day for 30 days then take 3 tablets per day for 45 days.

-Used in-between cycles to increase natural testosterone production. Take 4 tablets per day with food – use an 8 week on 4 week off protocol.

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Where to buy HCGenerate ES?

*HCGenerate ES is available without a prescription*

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