Hello I’m a spartan racer and I’m looking to qualify for championships and get get an edge for my racing. My training is 6-7 days a week. I have a few supplements in mind but I’m want some opinions as well. I will not take anything that effects my hormones. I’m also taking the standard betaalanine,creatine,multi, fish oil.

Cardarine (does it matter if it’s liquid or capsule forms?) also what are some places to buy it at? I’ve only seen a few and it’s quite expensive.
Cardarine or cordycepts? I hear some people responded better to the mushrooms.
EPO(I’ve heard about it but the side effects and dangerous don’t seem worth it)

SNS Growth factor XT(for getting some good sleep)
Follidrone 2 (for the Epicatechin)
Transdermal Laxogenin
Cluster dextrose