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Thread: n2guard with kidneys

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    n2guard with kidneys

    Took a blood test and says my kidneys are not perfect. Have an issue with doctor, he tells me cant drink protein powder. Is it true I cant drink protein when I got liver issues?
    can I drink protein and take n2guard to fix issue?

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    That whole 'too much protein is hard on your kidneys' thing is an old wives tale that won't diet.

    Your kidney's regulate urine output and filter your blood. They have nothing to do with protein digestion. It is perfectly fine to use protein shakes. They will not harm your kidneys.

    The best thing you can do to keep your kidney's healthy is to make sure you are drinking enough clean water each day. A good overall health supplement like n2guard from would be another great addition.

    Also watch your sodium intake. High sodium intake can lead to high blood pressure which puts a lot of stress on the kidneys as well.

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    doctors are morons.

    we have the same thing posted here a lot about kidney values and doctors.

    when you workout the way we do it is different than 99% of the population. we are a brotherhood as weight lifters. when you are constantly breaking down and repairing muscles your kidney levels BUN creatine will run hot. that doesn't mean your kidney's are failing, it just means you are muscular. doctors are too stupid to understand this concept .. if you stop working out for like a month and then go test your numbers would come in normal.
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    Protein powder will not cause kidney issues.

    There is this thing, about overconsumption of protein and stress on your kidneys/liver. While this is partially true, your body will never take a beating from too much protein. That being said, there might be other reasons for having bad results of kidney values.

    N2Guard is really helping with that. People use it with the most toxic steroids to keep their kidneys and liver at perfect health. So definitely give it a go.
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    Protein is not going to hurt your kidneys or liver. If you subscribe to the podcast we had a naturopathic doctor on who explained the best foods for kidneys and liver health and cleansing. Don't forget adequate water intake. N2Guard will definitely help as well.
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