Hi Friends,

I am a newbie here. I wanted to request your advice around taking SARMS.

I am 40 years old, 285 lbs. My BF% is around 40%. I have Diabetes, which is in good control for long time now.

I have slight elevated Cholesterol, which I think is because of excess egg diet I take.

I started lifting weights dedicatedly around an year back, but before it was like on/off for many years. I am pretty strong when it comes to lifting weights.

While exercising for last 1 year, I have seen my total/free testosterone go down sharply, from 725 ng/dl to 260-280 ng/dl. This is despite me taking DAA, and few others like Tongkat ALi and Trib.

My estrogen levels are high too, around 46-48 pg/ml.

As I am seeing very slow or no responses to body transformation, despite my exercising and weight lifting capacity going up, I was advised by a friend to consider taking SARMS (as an alternative to AAS).

Please suggest what you think on me taking SARMS or AAS, and what should be the protocol to follow for me.

My prime goal is to lose fat (mostly belly fat, because that is the only problem area for me), and also to gain size in muscles.