What is YohimFlame?

YohimFlame is a revolutionary fat loss product for transdermal use. The product is applied right to the areas you want to reduce and it will work in a localized manner to achieve effective liposis.
Unlike oral fat burners, YohimFlame does not have to go through the liver and kidneys and it will not cause many of the side-effects associated with oral fat burners like: Jitters, stomach pain, chest palpitations or other discomforts associated with the oral fat burners.

Why do steroid-using bodybuilders and athletes use YohimFlame?
Every bodybuilder has some trouble areas where fat just accumulates and wonít leave, no matter what your diet is. YohimFlame allows the bodybuilder a way to target the trouble areas. Oral fat burners are great for an overall fat loss effect, but when the fat % gets low, it shows the trouble areas where your body chooses to accumulate fat. More diet and more oral stimulants are not going to do anything to improve a really genetically troubled area. YohimFlame delivers fat-burning ingredients right to the spots you want to get rid of fat from.

How is YohimFlame different from all other fat burning products?

YohimFlame uses a transdermal delivery system to push the ingredients past the skin and right on to the fat cells. Once there, these ingredients are designed to block out fat accumulating hormones like Estrogen and Cortisol. Both Estrogen and Cortisol will attach to your fat cells and signal them to hold on to fat and take in more nutrients from your bloodstream to grow bigger and store energy. This is the reason you have trouble fatty spots to begin with, because your body tends to create a higher concentrations of these two hormones in some areas like the chest(under the nipple) obliques, lower back, triceps and inner thighs. All of these areas will see a much noted improvement if you could just block out Estrogen and Cortisol from signaling fat cells to grow in those areas.

YohimFlame contains Yohimbe and Alpha-Yohimbe both of which have a very strong effect in blocking out the receptors in the fat cells that would make them accumulate fat, this is how the product deals with Estrogen. No, you cannot get the same localized effect from ingesting Yohimbe, you will just get jittery as that ingredients goes from your liver to your central nervous system (CNS). But when the ingredient is applied transdermal right on to the fat cell, it does not attack your CNS but instead the ingredient is all taken up by the fat cells in that area, with only a small percentage stimulating your CNS which will give you an energy buzz you can somewhat feel, without it being uncomfortable.

The product also contains 7-Keto-DHEA, this a great ingredient to deal with cortisol, it essentially will help you block out fat accumulation due to stress factors. 7-keto-DHEA is great at blocking cortisol from making you accumulate visceral fat, and fat on the oblique area and love handles which many guys have from stress.
YohimFlame contains a total of 6 fat burning ingredients and they are:

Raspberry Ketones

How do you use YohimFlame?

Since it does not affect your Central Nervous System you can really dose it on strong, and get better effects from it. Your skin will act as a time-released depot where the product will absorb for several hours after application, even when the product is dry on your epidermis, much of it will be just under the skin being released to the bloodstream.

Normal application is 4ml applied 2 to 3 times per day. Many guys are doing 8ml applied 3 times per day with great results.

For extreme fat-loss: Used 8ml of YohimFlame on the trouble spots, every morning on an empty stomach, for fasted cardio. The product will make your fat cells release their stored energy, so you can burn it up with cardio.

As an aid for your cutting cycle: Use 4ml on the trouble spots 4 times per day, and always before training too. DO NOT apply before bedtime as it will cause some insomnia.

As a touch up for competition or modeling shoots: used 8ml of YohimFlame 3 times per day, all over the body, focusing on trouble areas. It will give you that paper thin look.

YohimFlame is always best when applied after the shower while making sure to scrub the areas of application with a sponge during the bath, for better absorption.

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