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  1. Dan98

    raloxifene Source?

    Looking for a reliable raloxifene source in Australia? Cant seem to find it anywhere
  2. J

    Gyno Surgery or Raloxifene

    Does anyone know of a good Gyno doctor in the Seattle or Portland area. I got gyno after my first every cycle of 500mg Test E weekly. Like a fucking foolish moron I was feeling so good and decided I didn't need the arimidex I was taking at the time (.5mg EOD). What about non surgical options...
  3. B

    Raloxifene Aus source

    Hey fellas, hopin someone can point me in the right direction on a raloxifene source to help with my nippy issues Cheers
  4. gearhead

    Greek Evista (raloxifene)

    Greek Evista (raloxifene), 60mgs/tab
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