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  1. M very nasty bacne

    rostizado gear is very dirty and nasty its causing me to get bacne really bad its so bad that I am getting black dots and they are pussing with yellow liquid my girlfriend is even using tweezers to pop them and pulling out hairs out of them it’s really disgusting 100% it’s the gear because I’ve...
  2. W crappy PIP gear

    rostizado sucks I should have listened to the reviews that I was reading I have the most extreme post injection pain in my leg that I’ve ever experienced in my life it’s the size of a bowling ball and it’s red and hot to the touch my girlfriend is begging me to go to the emergency room and have...
  3. V

    how is still in business?

    This meathead at the gym recommended that I try using for my steroid cycle so I listened to him they are awful very slow service and shipping then when you get the gear its poor quality the testosterone is underdosed the oral steroids are all in pieces, I had to lick them out of...
  4. J stinky results

    I just finished my first steroid cycle ever and it was a disaster. I use 500 mg a week of testosterone. I also use some Aromasin with it using I thought their testosterone was good, but it turns out it’s not. I wasted 12 weeks on this, crappy Gear with nothing to show for it.
  5. M

    Guys i messed up using

    Rostizado was supposed to be a good source Found them online and they had good ratings on some other forums that specialize in roids and such problem is I sent them $800 and I haven't heard anything back from them in a long time. I'm getting very worried and I feel like they may have ran off...
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