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steroid cutting cycle

  1. M

    Best fat loss drug?

    Hey guys, My name is Max, I'm 26 Been training for the past 8 years I used to be pretty lean for the first couple of years, very focused on the diet and consistent but always had a bit of extra fat. I used to be 184cm for 80-85kg with apparent abs I'm now around 100kg, strong but got way...
  2. Xeno Pharmaceuticals


    XENO PHARMACEUTICALS Domestic Source We are a domestic source that focuses on quality of products over quantity of products. We will never put out a product we do not have 100% faith in. I will be transparent with everyone as possible while still ensuring safety and security. I will be giving...
  3. dudewbis

    cutting cycle season

    I'm going to lean out for the summer guys, any advice on a cutting cycle? best with sarms and something else that's light just came off a deca/dbol/s-4/osta cycle
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