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    Just left Oz for good' now in thailand but....

    How much of this gear is legitimately dosed? I'm trying to look into some mail order options through what's app but don't know if they are legit either. .. if someone can sort me out with a pm of recommendations where to go would be sweet. I've bought a bunch and just plugging it away ...HCG...
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    Sarms teen

    Tl;dr : 18yr old consistent training and dieting for 4 years wanting to take sarms and clen, is it safe. Turned 18 recently and heard from a friend about SARMS and their lack of effect on natural hormone levels and absence of conventional androgenic side effects. Been training for 4 years...
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    Antagonist forces : drugs and fitness, my fucked up 2014 year

    Hello guys, It is my very first post in any sort of forum regarding steroids and performance enhancement. Now I care WAY MORE that I used to about health, committement, others, family, balance and hapiness, but I am going to give you a long story, and I am ready to be judged cause I fucked up...
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