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Approved Log 1st bigboy cycle - Testosterone Trenbolone Anavar Log

sorry for the lack of updates, came down with a bad case of the flu.
appreciate all of you guys commenting and helping me on this 😁

since my last update ive ordered deca 250/ml and was considering test and deca cycle since ive never done a multi compound cycle.

my workout routine consists of lifting 5-6 days a week, with 2 workouts per block and each block im doing linear progression style rep ranges with 1st block being 15-18reps, 12-15, 8-12, 5-8 and then repeating from block 1 but trying to push the weights as hard as i can in the mentioned rep ranges.
i’ve switched to a more bodybuilding style program from a push pull legs split, because i had some knee inflammation from basketball practice. so far my workouts are as follows:
Rep ranges change per block as i mentioned

Day 1 : chest and triceps
DB press 4sets
high to low Cable flys 3 sets
low to high cable flys 3 sets
Pushups to failure
Bar tricep pushdown 4 sets
overhead xtension 4 sets
Dip machine 4 sets

Day 2 : Back and biceps
Lat pulldown 4 sets * i change grip every other workout, underhanded,wide, neutral*
cable rows 4 sets
low rows 3 sets
single arm cable rows 3 sets * mainly focus on contraction and stretch instead of pushing weight here*
straight arm pull downs 3 sets
Alt single arm db curls 4 sets
rope curls 3 sets
single arm spider curls?* on a preacher curl machine but i face the other way* 3 sets

Day 3 : Shoulders and abs
Upright row 4 sets * currently not doing db presses*
lateral raises 4 sets
front raises 3 sets
rear delt flys 3 sets
Face pulls 3 sets
Leg raises 3 sets to failure
cable ab crunches 3 sets
planks 3 sets

Day 4: Legs * only doing isolations until knee heals*
Leg extensions 4 sets, focusing on this more from PT and doing isolation holds
Seated Leg curls 3 sets
Lying leg curls 3 sets
Hip thrust plate loaded 3 sets
Seated calf raise 4 sets
Standing calf raise 4 sets

I will share my Diet log in my next post.
nice work bro
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