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1st cycle thoughts


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one piece of advice is please take a look at the other logs on here
this way you can be ahead of the game
Bros we need your pictures not to be nosy
but this way we can see where you're at now and then get an idea of where you need to go in the future
nice layout but run EQ 600mg whole time bro
In the future just start the gear from week one at the desired dosage instead of ramping it up like that
these steroids have Esters attached to them which ramp up on their own you don't have to do it manually
The right here
No need to be changing doses like that man. You will just send hormones on a roller coaster. Those compounds have esters that already do the job for you. Just pick a dose and stick with it. With those 2 compounds I like test around 200-300mg and EQ around 400-600mg.
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