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20 ways to lower male estrogen levels naturally


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lose fat to lower male estrogen levels naturallyEstrogen molecules practically live inside your fat cells and it’s a scientific fact that the more fat a man has, the more estrogen his bound to carry.

Another scientific fact is that the more fat the man carries, the lower his testosterone levels are. See a link here or what?

Your successful male estrogen removal process should start from weight loss, or not necessarily even weight loss, but from the fat loss.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not that heavy, as it’s the fat that you need to get rid of, not the weight. So you could be “skinnyfat” and still have the estrogen profile of a woman.

So start melting that fat away. The more you do it, the more your estrogen will decrease.


lower female hormones in the male body with crusiferous vegetablesCrusiferous Vegetables like broccoli, kale, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, maca, and so on are filled with some very favorable compounds to decrease your estrogen levels.

1. They’re rich in zinc which is a mineral known to boost testosterone. Zinc also stops the aromatase enzyme from doing its damage on your testosterone levels, so that your T doesn’t convert so easily to estrogen anymore.

2. They’re rich in a compund called Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C) which converts into 3,3-Diindolylmethane (DIM) in your stomach. DIM is known best for its ability to regulate estrogen, which means that it effectively flushes out estrogenic compounds and xeno-estrogens from your body.

Many people like to eat their crusiferous vegetables steamed. However I believe that when you expose those veggies to too much heat, they’ll lose some of the beneficial nutrients.

That’s why I usually eat them plain or frozen with a garlic dip. After all you should do what suits you the best, just make sure that you eat these!


avoid chemicals to get rid of high male estrogen levelsIn the modern world we’re constantly bombarded with chemicals. They’re in our faces 24/7 and it’s a cold hard fact that we can’t completely avoid them no matter how hard we try to.

Fortunately this doesn’t mean that we can’t do nothing, as we still can avoid them as much as possible, and we also can avoid the worst kinds of them, and I’ll be going into more detail with the worst ones as we move further with this list.

As a rule of thumb you should avoid all the possible chemicals you can, because almost all of them are known to disrupt our extremely sensitive endocrine system. Bunch of those chemicals are also straight on estrogen mimics in the body.

Interesting fact: The US database has over 50,000,000 chemicals listed in it, which makes it completely impossible to make sure that they’re safe to consume in any way, shape, or form.

Read more about chemicals and testosterone here.


how to naturally lower male estrogen levels - avoid plasticsIt’s believed that the increased plastic usage is the leading cause of the feminine outlook of young men in this modern era.

This is caused by the incredibly strong estrogenic effect that plastics have on the male body, as they’re filled with Phthalates, compounds that make all plastics flexible.

Phthalates are known to mimic estrogen inside the male body, and that’s why it’s only a sign of weakness if you’re still after reading this post using plastic water bottles or eating those plastic micro-ready disasters.

The easiest way to get your body filled with pthtalates and xeno-estrogens is to drink a lot of soda. Here’s why:

When a plastic bottle is made it would take a full year for it to “cool down” so it wouldn’t leak those estrogen mimics into its contents anymore. However when those big soda companies manufacture thousands upon thousands of those bottles a day, do they really wait for a full year before filling them?

Hell no! What a waste of money would that be right?

Instead those bottles are instantly filled with acidic soda that furthermore dissolves those fresh pthtalates into your “refreshing” beverage.

Remember that when you’re gulping down on that Coca-cola next time.


parabens will boost estrogen in the male bodyParabens are the chemicals used in almost all of our personal care items. They’re also strong estrogen mimics in the male body and if you’re serious about decreasing your estrogen levels naturally, then you have to eliminate these endocrine disrupting chemicals.

The easiest way to eliminate parabens is to switch to natural personal care items. I have a big guide written about that here, so check it out too.

If you wan’t to see those parabens for your self then take a look at the ingredient labels on your personal care items and look for the following chemicals:



eat organic foods to lower male estrogen and avoid male hormone imbalanceCommercial foods found in your favorite grocery store are mostly shit. That’s the reality. As they’re over processed microwaveable wonders with no nutrients and a huge list of unnecesary chemicals, endocrine disruptors, estrogen mimics, and low quality ingredients.

There’s no real reason to eat these foods as there’s organic options available, which are free from those harmful estrogenic chemicals.

Organics may cost a bit more, but they’ll pay themselves back in increased lifespan and a much healthier life, along with a much better hormonal profile, and I’d dare to say that they’ll also improve your sex life.

More testosterone with low estrogen = Much better sexual performance, stamina, erections and pleasure.

So start eating organic and watch your body heal itself as food really is medicine, and by this I mean real organic foods and herbs.


bisphenol a is known for its ability to lower testosterone and create male estrogen imbalanceBisphenol-A or BPA is a chemical compound found in the linings of our canned goods, it’s also in the ink in our newspaper, the ink that’s in your grocery store receipt, and in bunch of other places like multiple varietes of plastics for example…

The reason why this chemical is so bad is the fact that in animal studies it’s capable of transforming males into females. Yes, this is no bullshit. BPA is so highly estrogenic that it can change the sex in some animals, think it was frogs that they studied if I recall correctly.

Feminizing effects of BPA have also been noted on human males, and that has drawn researchers to believe that BPA is also one of the leading causes behind the increased feminine features of modern day males.

The last research study reported that 93% of the Americans have way too much BPA in their system, so don’t think that you’re safe from it mate.

You can read more about chemicals and BPA on my post called chemicals and testosterone levels.


berries contain calcium-d-glucarate which removes estrogen from male bodyCalcium-D-Glucarate is a fiber present in the skin of many berries. Juniper and blueberry for example are very rich sources of Calsium-D-Glucarate.

This fiber effectively binds into the “bad estrogen molecules” in your gut, and this will help your body to remove those xeno-estrogens via your intestines.

To get adequate amounts of this male estrogen lowering fiber you can either supplement with it or eat a bunch of berries.

I’d suggest the latter but both of them are valid options.


how to remove xeno-estrogens? Try BeetsThis is a bit tricky to explain but what the heck I’ll try:

Your estrogen molecules are all missing one methyl group, once you consume something that acts as a methylator, you’ll “complete” the molecule and it can then be “chelated” by your body.

The chelation process basically means that it’s being flushed out from your body, so in a way you’re flushing out estrogen by eating something that acts as a methylator. Therefore you’re also lowering male estrogen levels naturally.

So what’s the best methylator?

Betaine is the best one, and beets are ridiculously high in betaine. Beets also boost nitric oxide. So eat tons of beets.


how to decrease male estrogen levels? Stop eating processed meatsI have 2 rules regarding meats:

1. Meats are great for your testosterone.

2. Meats are bad for your testosterone.

Don’t lynch me just yet, I’ll tell you what I mean by that:

Meats are great for your testosterone if they’re grass-fed, organic, and filled with natural cholesterol and saturated fat with some nice amino acids.

Meats can also be bad if they’re un-organic, processed, and factory farmed.

Those meats are filled with trace estrogen and synthetic hormones, along with some trace antibiotics and other medications.

You can thank the greedy “power farmers” and big ass companies for that. As those pigs for example are fed with antibiotics for their whole life so that they don’t get infections.

They’re also injecting synthetic estrogen to those pigs to make them gain fat mass super fast. Those animals are also injected with growth hormone so they can pack on some muscle.

The downside is that all of those trace hormones and antibiotics are present in the final product: processed meat.

When you’re eating that meat guess where the trace hormones and antiobiotics end up to? Inside of you, that’s right.

anti-estrogenic citrus fruits will decrease your estrogenCitrus fruits like lemons, grapes, limes, and oranges are known to be anti-estrogenic. They’re also scientifically proven to decrease male estrogen levels.

So one super simple and easy way to lower male estrogen levels naturally is to just consume those damn citrus fruits.

That’s it. Almost too easy.


improve gastrointestinal health to remove harmful xeno-estrogens in menYour gut flora has to be on peak condition so it can move those estrogen molecules away from your body more faster. If your gut health is not in check (which is very uncommon these days), your estrogen molecules that would normally be exiting your body, will get re-absorbed in the intestines because they’re moving too slowly.

So make sure that you’re eating those healthy live bactreries and stuff like that, but don’t fall victim on those “lactic acid pills”, as the bacteria in those is already been dead for too long and it doesn’t do shit in your body anymore.

Instead try this trick to improve your gastrointestinal health, which significantly helps you to decrease those male estrogen levels.


wild nettle roots are a great supplement to remove male estrogenWild nettle roots are great because they’re known for their ability to decrease your male estrogen levels quite well.

However that’s not all there’s to nettle roots as they’re also able to significantly decrease SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) count in the male body.

SHBG is a protein that binds into your free testosterone molecules and makes it “unavailable” to be used by your body. So basically it’s not able to enter androgen receptors after it’s bound into SHBG.

So to remove male estrogen and lower SHBG, supplement with wild nettle roots.

Nettle roots are also able to stop the conversion from testosterone to estrogen, by stopping aromatase enzyme from working. This furthermore improves the condition called male estrogen imbalance.

You can read more about free testosterone and SHBG form my older posts.


maca testosterone libidoMaca is a great herb that is commonly used for boosting male testosterone levels.

However it’s also very good at removing estrogen levels from the body, as it’s a crusiferous vegetable and extremely high in DIM.

Maca is also known for its ability to significantly improve sperm count and testicular health, also it’s incredibly high in nutrient density.

I highly suggest that you start supplementing with Maca as soon as possible.


how to avoid estrogen imbalance in men? Remove the soySoy is extremely powerful phyto-estrogen or plant-estrogen.

Which means that it’s filled with estrogenic activity and it increases estrogen levels in the male body, and that’s not a good thing at all…

I remember when I was having a vacation in Thailand couple years ago, that I always felt super amazing in the morning when I woke up, and me and my girlfriend were really eager to take those long tuk-tuk rides into some bigger cities and do bunch of cool stuff.

However always after I had a meal there, I suddenly started to feel like crap, and I just was like “Fuck it, let’s not do anything”.

I first though that it was the carbohydrates that were always present in the form of rice (which came in every meal), but then it hit me.

Everything was laden with soybean oil and soy sauces and shit like that. So I was cramming some serious loads of estrogen into my body.

Boy I’m glad that I figured it out, because after that I started to avoid most of that soy, and my energy levels and overall being improved 110%

So no matter what the vegetarians are trying to prove, soy is, and will always be estrogenic. And it just downright isn’t good for males.


alcohol lowers testosterone and increases male estrogen build upExcessive alcohol consumption has been shown to significantly decrease your testosterone levels, while simultaneously it will be skyrocketing your estrogen.

This happens for a bunch of reasons, but the main reasons are these two:

1. Your liver is too busy filtering that excess alcohol, so it has no time to regulate your estrogen.

2. Alcohol is notorious for boosting the activity of aromatase enzyme, which converts testosterone into estrogen.

That’s why alcoholism is a sure way to get yourself a nice condition called: male hormone imbalance.


to peak testosterone, skip the beerBeer might be the ultimate man drink and I do have to admit that I’m constantly breaking this rule myself.

However the fact is that beer is extremely estrogenic. The hops in it can contain up to 300,000 IU’s of phytoestrogens per 100 grams and that’s a lot.

I can’t remember the source but I recall reading an article about the history of beer, and in it the author stated that beers masculinity link dates back hundreds of years. As it was originally a blend of herbs that made men aggressive and virile lovers.

However in the dark ages the church didn’t like the idea of virility and aggressiveness, so they ordered a law that forced breweries to add certain amount of estrogenic hops into this masculine beverage, so that men would finally calm down and behave.

I can’t say for sure that this story is true, because I can’t recall the source, so can’t check it out. However it makes a lot of sense.

(If you know where to find the original article then notify me in the comments section!)


avoid hormone disruptors with water filterTap water is often said to be extremely clean.

However that’s not the case at all, as they have found traces of numerous chemicals in the US tap water recently.

Some of these include: estrogen from the birth control pills, rocket fuel traces (what the fuck), bromide, fluoride, chlorine, BPA, pthtalates, and a whole bunch of other nasty chemicals. (I have a bigger list with explanations here).

So obviously those chemicals will interfere with your sensitive endocrine system, and that will cause: hormonal imbalance, male estrogen imbalance, low testosterone, and several other conditions.

So a super easy and a pretty cheap way to avoid those nasty conditions, is to get yourself a solid faucet filter.


lowering male estrogen with strength trainingStrength training with big ass weights is awesome and in my opinion it’s one of the manliest forms of exercise you can do.

The best part is that resistance training has been scientifically proven to: decrease male estrogen levels, increase male testosterone levels, and increase human growth hormone levels.

That’s awesome. So stop making excuses and get yourself a gym card. If you’re seriously afraid of going into a gym, then build yourself a cheap home gym with these tips.

Then when you’re got that done: Lift big weights with incredible intensity and your body will thank you in numerous ways.


how to cure male estrogen imbalance? Sleep moreSleeping is the best thing that you can do for your hormones because it’s the time when your endocrine system really kicks in and recharges itself.

That’s also when your body regulates estrogen and flushes it out of your body. This activity will be extremely high in the REM-stages of your sleep, and that’s why it’s crucial to maximize the quality of your sleep.

Good sleep also boosts your testosterone and growth hormone levels, and it’s also pretty enjoyable thing to do. So sleep much and focus on improving the quality of it.
Nice Article.
I would just add that you will also fine BPA's in many Plastic Protein Shakers, so make sure It's not in there.
Most Companies that Sell Spring Water in Plastic have taken it out................................... JP
Also, there's a Rather Interesting Product on the Market that will Lower your Estrogen Naturally.
It's called Pine Pollen, and is available through
They also carry a Very Interesting Pre-Workout Formula.
Very good list of information. Most average Americans will fail in the majority of these categories.
Excellent finding JP. this is what covers Pine Pollen..
pine pollen enters through the five major meridians including the lungs, kidneys, spleen, heart and liver.

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Increases Energy and Vitality
Increases Glutathione (the Body’s Master Antioxidant)
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Improves Endurance
Supports a Healthy Sex Life
May Reduce Pain
Helps with a Hangover
Helps Arthritis
Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory
Decreases DNA Mutation
Most excellent. I phased out all plastics years ago & keep everything in glass. Even if they say BPA free I still dont trust them. They probably have a chemical they use in its place thats even worse... we'll be finding out about it in 20-30 years
Good stuff man... Some really great points here
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