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Approved Log 2023-2024 recomp log update

log update
after 2 weeks with these dosages (125t,100m,140tren) i had ED, and i practically messed up with the girl i was dating. penis didn't get hard even with cialis, i achieved 60% erection. as a result yesterday i increased testosterone to 150mg, masteron to 140 and tren left unchanged at 140. i will never leave testosterone lower than other anabolic again. I increased calories and now I'm on 3000 because I was having blood sugar drops.
same bf, bodyweight up 5lb. I've made an ass of myself... with that girl...
damn that sucks.
maybe the girl you are hitting is ugly. Come where I live it's all beautiful Portuguese women
oh well. there are plenty of women out there
I don't know what had happened to me, the girl was very beautiful but I had feelings for her romantically, maybe with her I had anxiety, never happened with any girl... anyway I am 22 years old...
I have increased my testosterone to 150 and I don't think I will lower it anymore even in trt, with 125 in trt I have 1000 total testosterone, I will let you know with 150.
next time i will try viagra since cialis gives me the full effect about 12 hours after taking it.
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