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2nd order with 24-7
They take about 10 days to ship and order to land
First order took about 8 days
Not bad on either count
I use their testosterone and I also tried their primobolan. Very good lean muscle gains in there primobolan is the cheapest you can find anywhere. Total cycle only cost me about $800 is a spammer and spammer = scammer
don't trust bs sources that are random

always trust the real deal, napsgear!
Domestic Supply has shown time and time again to not only have the best quality but also the most reliability, which is difficult to find with any company. Reliability is something every customer wants to have and feedback and reviews consistently show that Domestic Supply is the very best!
[FONT=&quot]Domestic Supply is a favorite of so many people sir! They have one of the strongest reputations you can find and are a top source right here on the forum![/FONT]
I would stick with our approved sources personally!!
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