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24HREUP.NET Steroid Source Reviews

5 out of 5 rating for 24HREUP.NET Steroid Source Reviews

Do not hesitate to go with 24. He has the very best products.
Communication & Ordering process: Communication via Emal was great.
Delivery & Packaging: Delivery takes a lil time seeing where it is coming from, but within reason. All products were in their original packaging from the factory.
Products Ordered: Cabaser, Modafinil, Anapolon Anadrol 50
Product results and effectivenes: All were the real deal and worked great.
5 out of 5 rating for 24HREUP.NET Steroid Source Reviews

Responsive to emails, quick service
Communication & Ordering process: Easy, responsive
Delivery & Packaging: One week from funds pick up, good packaging
Products Ordered: Geno hgh, modafinil, proscar
Product results and effectivenes: Fixing to run
5 out of 5 rating for 24HREUP.NET Steroid Source Reviews

24 is currently my go-to source for hg products.
Communication & Ordering process: Normally get an email response within 24 hrs.
Delivery & Packaging: Mummified packaging, lol; fast T/A for intl.
Products Ordered: Test E, Testolic (test p), Sustanoln, Deca, clen
Product results and effectivenes: Have been using 24 for about a year now and their hg products are a big step above most UGL stuff I've tried. Highly recommended for intl ordering.
5 out of 5 rating for 24HREUP.NET Steroid Source Reviews

Test e.D.bol
Communication & Ordering process: great,easy to deal with
Delivery & Packaging: Good,no leaking oils or broken items
Products Ordered: test,heart's.
Product results and effectivenes: recently just finished off the March blue hearts 500 tabs in a bottle obviously I didn't use 500.I ran 4 tabs every day.split dosages.morning,night midway and an hour be4. the gym.nasty pumps and just fullness love the water bloat .it,was deff.kept under control with my ai.great strength gains on 4 tabs a day.a few of my friends took 6 tabs a day no reason to.feel my old gyno in 1 nip.flare up but adex.And letro kept it at bay.time on was 5 weeks.overall I'm very happy with the entire process since then I've already had anavar land also and very please with delivery,actually just placed another order so I'll keep u guys posted as for var was gb standard I ordered And came in.can't wait for this new order.Ps I ordered more d.vol also..
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