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Approved Log 25 years old TRT Cycle Log

No puffyness at all waiting on my requisition form


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I took 1 MG of adex as well I have been off the adex for a while didn't think I needed it here's what I'm thinking
CABERGOLINE or prami and
Rolaxafine again tho I don't think it's gyno
No sensitivity at all or lump or puffyness lactation can be without gyno correct? Just lemme know y'all's input thanks for quick response this couldn't have come at a worst time I'm legit having a herpes flare up right now it's not bad but this lactation just another thing I'm freaking out about I sense that I caught this early so would probably not need gyno surgery correct?
Should I add some maesteron in to help raise the dht ? I really do t think my estrogen is high I don't think gyno would come like this with just lactation I had a lil lactation like 6 months ago when I was using sustanon for my TRT I would assume by now gyno would be in full swing if it was still taking your guys advice I just really feel like it isn't gyno lactation can be caused by high prolactin levels if my estrogen is under control I don't see how it would cause gyno it's usually the combination of high . Prolactin and high estrogen correct? Either way I'ma get caber or prami and rolaxafine bruh my luck is shit fr
always keep ancillaries on hand in case
napsgear has them all
if you weren't on adex could be estrogen spike happening
also estrogen rebound as possible
I do not think that estrogen is spiked if I had other gyno symptoms that would be one thing my levels with no adex was like 42 or something I think I read that lactation rarely causes gyno it's the combination of the 2 that does like I said no puffy nipples no sensitivity or any other estrogen side effects
You really need to stop playing with your nipples
believe it or not that is making it worse
letro would work good for estrogen
and caber is good for prolactin
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