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4 weeks anavar/clen cycle


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I am 19 yr old guy ps( i know i am too young , i know test should be the base of any cycle but i want to go really mild) ,i am low on self esteem , depressed but still lifting everyday , i was 105kgs (230lbs) at one point of time , i am 78 kg rn (172lbs), i want to cut down a bit and get a bit hardened physique to look good , not for others but to increase my self esteem and feel good about myself , at the same time i am a model so i need to have a great physique , i am going to run this cycle anyway so if any of you could help me with it and give feedback regarding the cycle then thanks a lot.
bf- 17%(will be cutting down to 14 before i start my cycle)
muscle mass- 81lbs
cycle and dosage-
week1-4 anavar- 20mgs
week 3 and 4 clen- starting at 20mcgs going upto 80 and tapering down
pct - nolva the next day after my last anavar pill at 20mgs for 3-4 weeks
This is an awful idea. Please do not do an anavar only cycle. Stop everything you are doing regarding steroids. You need to wait another five years before you even think about steroids. And when you do do it, you need to take testosterone, not just anavar. You will damage your body permanently. Hormones are not some fun little play thing that you can fuck around with without consequences. No one with any sort of AAS experience or conscience will give you advice on these forums other than 'do not do this cycle'.

Do not listen to your dumb friends, do not read on some forums about a kick ass 'anavar only cycle', do not watch videos on youtube talking about it; if you are considering an anavar only cycle then you are instantly not ready for steroids.

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By the way, an anavar only cycle is not 'mild'. It is SUBSTANTIALLY worse for you, then anavar with testosterone.
This thread really hit home for me because I started steroids at 18 and I can't even begin to tell you about some of the health problems I had to go through as a result. It's a decision I truly regret. I am going to be on TRT the rest of my life. I went an ENTIRE year without being able to get an erection when I was 21 until I found a doctor who was really to prescribe me TRT.

I ended up WORSE off after using the steroids then I was before even starting them. I used proper PCT, sensible dosages etc. Your body is just not ready for the hormone fluctuations it causes at 19.

At 19 you don't need anything. Pick up a good testosterone booster like HCGenerate ES from, get some creatine, a good quality multi vitamin and 3-6g of fish oil per day. Focus on your diet and training and you can EASILY pack on 20 pounds completely naturally in a year.

I know this is not the answer you want to hear but none of us on this board have any hidden agenda. We are all taking the time to type out these long replies because we want to help and worry about your health.

Send me a PM if you want help developing your diet and training protocol.

Trust me on this, you are going to end up even more depressed after the steroid cycle. It is a horrible idea in every way.
Even if you do that cycle anyways it will do nothing for you except fuck up your HPTA for life. Your doses are way offline even for an experienced user. Not sure who advised you to take those. On top of it 1. anavar does not burn fat and 2. clen will burn muscle. If you want to still be a model then running this cycle is a terrible idea.
Kaykay man, you really don't want to be rolling these dice.. especially for an Anavar only cycle. The depression you'll get when you come off and go into pct will be nothing like you've ever felt before

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Not only the cycle looks horrible, but also the reasoning behind it and your stats give a red flag not to do it
Thanks for helping me guys , okay i would need some help from you guys , i just had my gyno surgery done and my chest looks really flat but i am a bit fat , can i cut down and gain some muscles at the same time ? Please help me with the supplementation too .
It is possible to lose fat and gain muscle without steroids, but generally only for people starting out. Once you hit intermediate, its difficult to do so as your body isn't experience those easy newbie gains.
It is impossible to give you any advice on supplementation without seeing your diet, because I have no idea what you are deficient in. Please post a day in your diet, (i.e. what you eat for every meal), and the caloric breakdown. What supplements do you currently take? Just guessing, but I would say all you need is a preworkout to get your head in the game, and probably a few protein shakes every day.
Why you use stroids? In your age your have to opportunities to grow up lot with good supplement dont use stroids its horrible idea...dont do that when i was 30 i did my 1st cycle now i am 32..i traning since 20 year ..and clen dont thing about it it is one of the most nasty drug dont use clen rather then focus your diet and havy traning...

good luck.......
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