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5x5 Training


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5x5 Training

5x5 training has become very popular over the past few years. Weight training is a quirky thing as many of the popular methods have actually been around for a long time. Originally developed by Reg Park, the 5x5 method involves doing 5 sets of 5 reps, using the same resistance. That's the goal. However, if you've chosen the proper weight, you won't be able to do 5 sets of 5, at least not right away.

Typically, if you've chosen the correct weight, the workout might look like this:

Set 1: 5x100
Set 2: 4x100
Set 3: 3x100
Set 4: 3x100
Set 5: 2x100

Remember, the goal of doing 5 sets of 5 reps is a hypothetical goal. If you can do 5 sets of 5 right off the bat, the weight you've chosen is too light. The important thing is to be focusing on progression while using 5x5 training. Most likely you can hit the first and possible second set for 5 reps. Also feel free to rest 3 minutes between sets.

5x5 is a great strength training program but it will not build muscle the way a lot of other programs out now. This style works well because it can focus on the squat, bench and deadlift. Variations to 5x5 can use front squats, declines, Romanian deadlifts and more. Hopefully you get the idea that compound exercises are you bread and butter with 5x5.

I started out as a powerlifter using 5x5 training at the age of 16. This training was used religiously year round by my coach. Adjustments were made when nearing a meet. As a lifetime drug free teen I managed to squat 645 lbs back in 1991 while weighing 197.

For more information check out the 5x5 Q & A at: [ame][/ame]
Strong fuckin squats

As with any program or information that I take in, Ill incorporate and experiment with it within my own routine (which in itself is extremely adaptive and not set). I incorporated 5x5 into my high volume chest training , with my other failure sets, and found it very useful for regaining lost strength especially.

After the 5x5 id continue to pound the fuck out of chest for many more sets to failure as well

daaamn! you were something strong (and still are) back then!! wow!

I did a version of 5x5... I did 5 reps for 5 sets everytime. then did 2 separate exercises of reps 10-12. I enjoyed it.
5x5 is a great strength training program but it will not build muscle the way a lot of other programs out now.

Could you expand on this a bit? I am understanding this to mean it won't get you as big as other programs while it is very good for building strength. Is this correct?

So can I also understand that it is a good program for high functional strength without excess weight? So a good fit for weight classes in combat sports?
looks nice. i like somthing like the DC trainning but i like to go for 6-8 reps and workouts are 40min-1hr normally till i cant anymore. and only EOD
works for me:)
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