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5x5 workout i want to try!

What's your current goals? Strength? Size? Fill me in. I'll help ya in any way I know how and I know the people here in the family will be see this and help as well.
215 Lbs
19 years old

deadlift: 325
Bench: 215 ( seperated shoulder in november )
squat: 255

training for rugby, also trying to cut down fat at the moment.

my size is above average...broader shoulders, bigger arms, legs. friends always think im on roids lol
( thats for my age, i want to cut my fat down to 12-15% with the same strength)
Haha. gotta love that feeling. I love that question of "what are you on? Dude I won't tell." I'm like a better diet than what you are on haha. Ok so strength wise stick to this program, try it out, and get back with me or someone else on here. Diet wise. My advice is to check out and they have some pretty sweet diets on there and follow them to a T. Another option check out the training programs NTBM offers as that is the ultimate. Nate is the man and will make you reach any goal, even the ones you think that are totally unattainable.
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