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600mgs test first cycle checklist

I'd go with 4-500 tops test e or c. As far as an ai I'd get bloodwork weeks 5 or 6 and introduce an ai if yoir levels are way outta range.. I wouldn't just add an ai if you don't need it. I am a heavy converter so I know I gotta run an ai but my buddy runs 500 test and never had to use an let bloowork tell you if you need to dose an ai or not. Deff have on hand thou.
You would definitely want an AI at 600mg test per week. I would do 12.5mg aromasin EOD as a starting point and let mid-cycle bloods guide you after that. In all honesty though, you don't need that much test for a first cycle. 400-500mg would be plenty if diet and training are locked in.
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