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Accutane any thoughts on it?


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i been suffering for acne for years now and just started my test c cycle and my acne is getting pretty bad!! just wanted to see if any of you guys used accutane what was your expirence on it and is it really worth it? Thanks!!!!
Accutane is liver toxic.I would avoid orals and alcohol when on it. I have taken very low dose accutane on cycle before. It definitively helps to minimise acne. But know the risks and protect your liver
Another good product i recommend is a oral formula called acnedren.

Mate ordered one for himself and for me and thats woked well to control acne
I took Accutane in hs and it did a fabulous job getting rid of acne. The sides were tough at times. Very dry skin and tight/achy joints. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Mine was under the watch of a dermatologist.
I say the sides from accutane are not worth it. Please read up on the side effects as it can cause serious problems on many different levels.
It was a last resort for me but worked wonders for my cystic acne from AAS use 20mg a day killed it all with litte to no sides and not much effect on liver enzymes when using n2guard. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone though unless all other avenues have been tried and its under the supervision of a doctor. High doses are where the sides get bad and liver enzymes get fucked up. I was on 80mg a day in high school and the sides were awful. That much is not needed imo. 20mg a day was plenty for me.
I would t touch Accutane with a ten foot pole unless I had extinguished all other possible remedies and it was that bad to warrant it. The side effects are about as bad as it gets with that stuff
i would not go near it... there are far too many probably and possible side effects you absolutely don't want to deal with...
Im on accutane, and have been for several months, with bloods each month as is required, u will be fine. But I am under the care of a dr.


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I 100% agree with Dylan but also respect Casca and Meathead - having worked in a pharmacy for years I can tell you the sides are no joke. The good brothers are very right in being under the care of a Dr. While on it - Casca mentioned something very good - don't cycle AAS on accutane - that's just playing a dirty game with your body. Never had acne but I understand those who have struggled with it and hope that all goes well for the brothers above.
Accutane is toxic and very and for you. Class action lawsuits against accutane have been made. I took it when I was a teen and still remember the fold out that comes with it complete with illustrations of deformed baby heads, etc. I'd steer clear.

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Accutane was life saver for me. I had bad acne from ages 14 - 30 and now only get 1 or 2 pimples every now and then (off cycle). I do usually break out during pct and the Accutane clears that right up.
While yes it does have "nasty" side effects linked to accutane, so does anything else in this world. Hell even peanuts can kill you or taking your dog for a walk could. You have to pick your battles. I took accutane and got dry lips, moodiness, and would randomly cry now and again; but hey i don't have my terrible acne anymore.
On the pharmacy side accutane is a bitch to dispense sense like Jack said class action law suites really made it almost or even worse then dispensing morphine. I have had to turn away folks for being one day late on getting the script filled and yeah deformed babies were a big time wake up call about just passing this drug out. I have a family member who used totally dried her out fucked up her hormones and wrecked her stomach - she is acne free now though. But hell what a cost!
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