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Ace-031 Discussed


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Have you heard of Ace-031? It's a myostatin inhibitor that can help you grow almost unlimited muscles, but is that possible? read on to find out more...


I don't think one should inject myostatine - there is a reason nature has limited our muscle growth. I have seen documentaries on people with the genetic mutation that inhibits myostatin naturally, and damn they get big.
the main issue with these is what the article showed. there is no guarantee you will grow what you want to grow. you may end up with a huge butt if you aren't careful lol
The article mentions something that I keep saying continuously to people interested in trying myostatin inhibitors. The dosages used by a bodybuilder would cost in the neighbourhood of $10,000 per week for pharmaceutical grade. Whatever these research peptide companies are selling for $100-200 per vial is not legitimate myostatin inhibitors. What it actually is...well your guess is as good as mine.

I wouldn't touch them personally.
I was reading about Myostatin inhibitors at one point quite much. The interesting thing I found that there is also a permanent way to inhibit Myostatin, not just regularly dosing an inhibitor. This is achieved by creating a virus with an anti-Myostatin gene, it spread by itself and stays in your system. However, this is permanent and you can never know what will happen.
I almost spent 8 grand on this stuff and while back but chose hgh instead. I did a ton of research and couldn't justify the amount seeing as though there were no definite answers
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