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Advice on 8 wk cycle test e and anavar 20mg/day

anavar and testosterone is fine

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that is the most important thing to do check out the other logs that we have on here in the transformations
we've got hundreds of years of experience on here and we can guide you along
put up a log and let's do this
make sure you get your diet and training up it's very important

also we need to hear more about your cardio and what supplements you're taking
Thank @ugloz last order arrived 3 days after payment 🙏. Ran test e 500mg weeks 1-10 and tren e 300mg weeks 1-8 with arimidex 1mg EO day. PCT weeks 1-3 50mg clomifene/tamoxifen 40mg/day and 4-5 25mg/20mg. My intention was to loss adipose and get ripped. Started at 193cm 116kg and carrying a bit a fat but in reasonable shape. I don’t have a log but involved 5 days each week of intense aerobic (either swimming 4-6 km a session/running 6-10km/ concept 2 ergo) with 2 days in the gym. Dropped ~ 6 kg. Massive change in tone. Swim and run performance huge improvement. Thanks AJ/ULG OZ thanks also @Seventieschild.
I want to run my next cycle for the same reason. Cut down so overall weight loss but retain lean mass. I’m thinking of running weeks 1-8 test e 600mg (300 twice week) and anavar 20mg/day with arimidex 1mg/day. Same PCT. Appreciate your thoughts.
Also, how long to wait from the end of PCT and next cycle.
test too high with the tren
I would cut the test dose in half. For cutting, you are only running it to preserve muscle since steroids do not burn fat. Better to keep the dose low and focus on diet. Great progress so far too man.
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