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Advice on HCG bridging + Blasting/Crusing

you can try it out and get blood work done and see what happens
I think the bottom line is you want to keep your gains
if you want to give your body a break then give it a break
no need to start throwing different hormones and drugs at your body
Thanks for that info. I think it’s quite clear now that the pathway forward is definitely TRT cruise. I just wanted to make 100% sure of this. Given my age bracket and the fact my natural test production was already very low pre cycle after a 6 year lay off. It would make sense that for even for lifestyle benefits that low dose test would be very beneficial. I understand that a cruise dose will vary from each individual, but do we have the numbers for good range in maintaining gains from a cycle while still giving body a break. I was thinking anywhere between 150-200mg I know some go higher than this dose
Unless you have a fairly significant case low low testosterone, 200mg is too high for a trt dose.. that would put you quite high, likely at a level of 1400 or so.. 125-150 is generally a more safe and effective dose but of course, that varies dependent upon the hypogonadal condition of the individual
I dont use HCG at all dont see the point
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