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am I ready for my first cycle?

i did not need to read anything more than your age... noone needs to be prepared to debate anything.. you act as though what you decide has some sort of influence or bearing on us.. do whatever you want dude LOL... its ridiculous and insane to even consider use at your age and such a lack of training but you can debate it with yourself and make your own mistakes... LOL... "be prepared to debate" LMFAO
So be honest with me I can take it
but be prepared to debate me too. Lets have fun in this thread
I’m 22 years old
6’1’’ and around 70kg
I’ve been training my balls off for the past 3 months. Based on what my friends have said in my progress I think I’m ready for my first cycle
I want to just run testosterone + anavar
750mgs test + 50mgs a day anavar
I think this is a very mild cycle. I would like to eventually compete in the next year or two and I feel like steroids are going to be necessary
i generally agree but 22 is still young
even so you don't have the base yet you should train another year or two before you use them
i think thats the main issue here. had he started lifting at age 13 i might have a different opinion. to have only hit the gym 3 months yeah this is total and utter nonsense and will hinder his long term progress.
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