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Another source and another fake product
I used their Human growth hormone HGH for 2 months straight. Used up 2 kits and ran it around 3-4iu’s per day
I've had zero results to speak of and although I did not get blood work I've been using HGH for long enough to know the difference between fake product and the real stuff. I am 100% confident that this stuff is no good and I'm going to ask them for a refund
My best experiences have consistently been with ! I have mentioned this many times and the reviews and user feedback shows this as well. Reviews, user logs, bloodwork and the results have showed to be a the best!
[FONT=&quot]I would be extremely careful with sources that are not well known or reviewed. You can alleviate all concerns by using TRUSTED sources and there are none more trusted than !![/FONT]
bros was always selling fake hgh is not a trusted source and not approved
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