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ANABOLSHOP.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

5 out of 5 rating for ANABOLSHOP.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

they sent me a vial and some amps of primo.Shipping for very fast for international and it arrived with no hickups along the way.Yet to run but i was happy with the transaction pace and shipping
Communication & Ordering process: great
Delivery & Packaging: great
Products Ordered: primo
Product results and effectivenes: yet to use
5 out of 5 rating for ANABOLSHOP.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

Took advantage of 50% off Test C. 2 vials and 100x50mg Proviron.Communication and response to questions was rapid- very little down time. Order was completed and money picked up within 48hrs due to a weekend. Order was shipped on 5 May and received 20 May so 15 total days for overseas delivery is pretty damn good. Got exactly what I ordered. Would use again and recommend.
Communication & Ordering process: Ordering via website is simple. Confirmation email and order completion took less than 24 hours.
Delivery & Packaging: Discrete, tightly wrapped, no leaks everything looked good.
Products Ordered: Testover (Test Cyp) and Proviron
Product results and effectivenes: Beginning Test C in July @TRT levels, expect good results based on others feedback!
5 out of 5 rating for ANABOLSHOP.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

Keep in mind that my five star rating is what I can observe -- I've never used arimidex prior to this, so I can't tell you how it's supposed to be working or not.With that said, AnabolShop has the following things going for them:* Extremely fast communication. I felt like the slow one in the interaction; you will not have to worry that they'll get you your product on time.* A good selection, and they're very clear about what they have and don't have* Occasional sales, which is nice and gives you an incentive to stay with themThey gave me my product ASAP, and they're very clear in their responses. If you need a product fast, this is definitely a good place to go.
Communication & Ordering process: excellent
Delivery & Packaging: excellent
Products Ordered: arimidex, nolvadex
Product results and effectivenes: seems to be good to go
5 out of 5 rating for ANABOLSHOP.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

Took advantage of their 50% off sale end of april. Took a few days for them to pick up payment, seems there were some issues across the board at that time - Robo and a few others had problems with WU about that same time frame- could be related and not an Anabolshop issue, i dont know. Paid 5/3, shipped 5/6, received 5/22. i know it was coming from overseas, so i wasnt sweating the length of time to receive. not to mention i didnt need it right away - stock for next run, and this was just an order to test the waters with these guys.
Communication & Ordering process: Quick responses and communication all along the way. They notified me about the delay/issue with WU.
Delivery & Packaging: Very discreet manilla package. Product securely wrapped and taped.
Products Ordered: Test E vials
Product results and effectivenes: Yet to us - According to other feedback here, i dont expect anything but good things. Will update again down the road as to quality.
5 out of 5 rating for ANABOLSHOP.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

I've used 2 other sources on this board and they were great too! But Anabolshop's prices are hard to beat and the product is great. I received my product within 10 days and the results were awesome! If you're on a budget, but you want top notch gear, go with Anabolshop!
Communication & Ordering process: Outstanding!
Delivery & Packaging: Within 10 days. Very compact and items were safe, not damaged. They sent my items in 2 packages.
Products Ordered: Test E, Var and TBol
Product results and effectivenes: Test E was very smooth! All 3 items were G2G and my gains were awesome! Had my blood work done and my test was through the rough.
5 out of 5 rating for ANABOLSHOP.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

All communications were prompt-even on Sunday's, the packaging looked like it was from an associate or personal acquaintance, took only 13 days both times I ordererd. Got Test E, C, and TBol. I've packed on 13lbs of solid muscle and still gaining. The Test E didn't agree with me and they sent me two free bottles of Test C for free when I informed them of what happen-you can't ask for to much more than that!
Communication & Ordering process: Prompt
Delivery & Packaging: tight, nothing lose and you tell what was in it
Products Ordered: Tbol, test e and c
Product results and effectivenes: pack on 13 pounds of clean muscle and still gaining
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5 out of 5 rating for ANABOLSHOP.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

AnabolShop has gone above and beyond my expectations. At first we had a slight misunderstanding, but we resolved that. Their credibility and product are really what matters and they really want to show everyone that they have the best product and customer service. Will definitely do business with them again in the near future.
Communication & Ordering process: Outstanding
Delivery & Packaging: discreet and well packaged
Products Ordered: Tri-tren, Test-P, Mast, Anavar
Product results and effectivenes: Just received the order so i have not had a chance to try them out. But according to many, it's GTG.
5 out of 5 rating for ANABOLSHOP.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

My First pack from Anabolshop came in 10 days, the 2nd pack in 19 days International.Anabolshop is quicker then a reputable domestic source I'm still waiting for my gear going on 3 weeks!
Communication & Ordering process: These guys don't even sleep I don't think, very quick in communicating! Ordering was a breeze!
Delivery & Packaging: Only thing Anabolshop can work on is beter packaging, I have some broken tabs, but not a biggy for the quality of product and the price, you cant beat it.
Products Ordered: All Vermodje Tbol, Proviron, Clen, and Test
Product results and effectivenes: So far 2.5 weeks in on Vermodje test and 80mgs of Vermodje Tbol ED. Top shelf Quality G2G
5 out of 5 rating for ANABOLSHOP.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

Anabol provided me with great service from the day I ordered. I was provided emails for payment being processed to items shipped. From the day I received my email that stated "SHIPPED" I received my items about 7 days later. Communication & Ordering process: Couldnt have asked for better service especially when it was my 1st order.
Delivery & Packaging: Delivery was prompt and Packaging was professional
Products Ordered: Vermodje Test E and 10mg Dbols
Product results and effectivenes: My cycle will start in about 2 weeks.
5 out of 5 rating for ANABOLSHOP.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

10 days from payment to delivery. Had a little trouble with email but was given alternate email address. Emails were responded to fast and everything went smooth.
Communication & Ordering process: Very good communication.
Delivery & Packaging: Fast delivery for international.
Products Ordered: Vermodje Tren A & Exemever (Exemestane)
Product results and effectivenes: Waiting for fall cycle
5 out of 5 rating for ANABOLSHOP.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

Just received my shipment from today. I received Vermodje Anavar and Sus. Delivery was very quick and product looks legit. Will update later but so far so good
Communication & Ordering process: Great
Delivery & Packaging: Perfect
Products Ordered: Anavar and Sus both Vermodje, Mast P, Primo, Clenbuterol
Product results and effectivenes:Great
Since this review, I've ordered two more times. There communication is second to none and delivery time from overseas is absolutely unheard of. A+ company. The Clenbuterol price is unheard of.
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5 out of 5 rating for ANABOLSHOP.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

I will order from Anabolshop again. Happy customer.
Communication & Ordering process: Easy and quick
Delivery & Packaging: Delivery was the Friday 20th and Monday 23rd, I believe funds were picked up on the 14.....ya I know. That's awesome. Packaging was plain and inconspicuous. All items intact
Products Ordered: 100 Amps Test Ent Vermodji, 15000 pregnyl.
Product results and effectivenes: Pharmacy grade
5 out of 5 rating for ANABOLSHOP.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

Anabolshop customer service is very prompt. Keep in mind the time differences and they are really on top of things. It took 3 weeks to get my product once shipped. Not nearly as fast as my domestic sources, but you can't beat the price. If you have time on you side....go Anabolshop. If you are paranoid or need it now, stay domestic but you will pay a premium. Nothing wrong with paying more if you have it, cause a tracking # gives peace of mind and knowledge of when your package will show up which is good to know if you want to intercept your goodies before the spouse does, if that is your case. No tracking # with Anabolshop is the only negative.

Edit for second order: I ordered some Clenbuterol and some Nolvadex from anabolshop (my second order). It arrived at my door 7 business days after shipped. The packaging is crazy but very efficient for what they are try to accomplish (which is getting your order through customs).

Another good job by anabolshop. Kudos to the anabolshop team!

Communication & Ordering process: Ordering was easy - go to the web site, register, fill your basket, hit buy and you are given payment instructions. Once payment is received, they ship the next day.
Delivery & Packaging: Very discrete packaging.
Products Ordered: Vermodje Testosterone Cyp
Product results and effectivenes: I can tell by the packaging and labeling this is real based on other Vemodje gear I have received from other sources. Currently running other gear, will save for later.
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5 out of 5 rating for ANABOLSHOP.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

Ordered on the June 30, shipped Monday, received July 5. I am truly impressed, will order from them again.
Communication & Ordering process: Easy to e-mail, easy ordering
Delivery & Packaging: Fast and packaged extremely well, every thing was there and intact
Products Ordered: Naposim and test E and tamoxifen
Product results and effectivenes: Just received and ready to go
5 out of 5 rating for ANABOLSHOP.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

I ordered 2 vials of test enanthate and 2 vials of tren ace.Both Vermodje and both are super LEGIT gears.Customer service is top notch and so is the packaging. Came in the mail in about 10 days. Very pleased!!!!
Communication & Ordering process: OUTSTANDING 5 STARS
Delivery & Packaging: OUTSTANDING 5 STARS
Products Ordered: OUTSTANDING 5 STARS
Product results and effectivenes: GETTING HUGE SO OUTSTANDING 5 STARS
5 out of 5 rating for ANABOLSHOP.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

Very impressed, in 3 days I was in my house, all is legit i check in the website, very cheap price and shipping price is a bargain.

Communication & Ordering process: Good
Delivery & Packaging: Very Good
Products Ordered: Sustamed,Anabol.
Product results and effectivenes: Checking
5 out of 5 rating for ANABOLSHOP.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

First, so simple and easy ordering. I sent money on the 2nd of July and received on the 7th of July, thats right....the 7th. Yeah...holy shit. Products where in great condition and not a single problems. Im starting my gear in about 2 weeks and ill write another review about product when finished with cycling, witch I really look forward to. The gear is all at PERFECT levels, meaning one doesn't have a little more then the other...PERFECT. ps. The way of packaging makes for fastest delivery. My exemever was not in box but in the right packing containers, making for extremely fast shipping so I understand the resoning for why its like that....smartThanks ANABOLSHOP.ORGCommunication & Ordering process: Easy and simpleDelivery & Packaging: GreatProducts Ordered: Test E & ExemeverProduct results and effectivenes: N/A starting in 2 weeks
5 out of 5 rating for ANABOLSHOP.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

For the price this is the best you can go. Got my shit in calendar days and it came very well packaged..a little too hard too open it haha but will def order from them again!
Communication & Ordering process: 5
Delivery & Packaging: 5
Products Ordered: Test E + Dbol
Product results and effectivenes: A+
5 out of 5 rating for ANABOLSHOP.ORG Steroid Source Reviews

As I posted in another thread.Lets Recap so farCommunication : Pre transaction Excellent 5/5Communication : Post Transaction/ Payment 2/5Average Communication : 3.5/5Speed : 5/5 ( based on where its coming wow, I got an email on the 23rd saying it has been shipped Saturday and received today on the 4 th business day before noon 5 if counting sunday)
Communication & Ordering process: 3.5/5
Delivery & Packaging: 5/5
Products Ordered: Prop, Tren A, Armidex, Clen and Winny
Product results and effectivenes: TBD
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