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I am laughing because i just listened to your podcast on Superdrol! I actually was completing your sentences ahead of time because I could tell by the inflection of your voice where you were going!

To each his own but i always recommend turinabol tbol over anadrol or superdrol. Either direction, you still should stack some sarms in there imo.
No, I have never told anyone except my actual medical doctor. I have always been transparent with my doctor so she understands why I am asking for lab work to be ordered. She absolutely hates it but she understands my requests because her husband is IFBB Pro.

It was not as awkward telling her as I thought it would be. I have no idea why I have never told my coach. He told me that it’s nothing he knows about but gave me a name of someone else who does know a lot about. I was like, “that’s OK. I have the men of Evo to rely on!”

In order for the coach, much like a doc, to give you the best of his advice they NEED to know what they're working with. Or the other person who knows
i strongly advise against the use of oral steroids. i never have done superdrol but i can tell you anadrol is extremely liver toxic and long term use will lead to liver issues. people need to steer towards the injectables for safety purposes.
I would only ever recommend superdrol be run solo if you were set on running it. You will just feel too toxic if stacked. I would go with anadrol instead.
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