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anavar for midsection fat loss

jomn spy

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There is lots of info and medical articles about anavar 10 helping big time on reducing belly fat, more than any other steroid, also it's amazing how many people talk about personal experiences on forums on how they shape body fat on their mid section with anavar, man and women.

I was looking to get some fat burners over the counter but after seeing all this great reviews about anavar it's been drilled into my head it really works like the magic pill and I'm seriously considering using it, what are your thoughts on this topic guys? thank you.
Anavar does not burn fat. No Steroid burns fat. They increase muscle protein synthesis which allows you to hold onto muscle while you are in a caloric deficit.

What works for cutting belly fat is being in a caloric deficit and exercising every day. If you want to add something to help out read about Cardarine and n2slin. Great stack for fat loss without the side effects of steroids.
the studies involve starving rodents

it proves only that var helps preserve muscle while in a severe calorie deficit.. it doesn't really prove it burns fat

in human studies The study clearly states that fat was lost, it also clearly states that the fat loss could have been achieved with just normal diet and excersise and without the presence of anavar.... therefore anavar does not promote excelled fat loss.

it is the same idea as a fat person doing crunches to lose body fat. losing body fat in the stomach starts in the kitchen
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The small amount of human studies done on anavar are done in elderly people will low testosterone levels. The results someone with low testosterone levels will get from using anavar are NOT the same results that someone with normal testosterone levels will get.

There are no 'magic' fat burners. If it was that easy, everyone would have a great six pack. Think about it logically - the supplement industry grows each year and each year we get fatter as a society.

Also, using steroids to try and burn body fat is going to open up a whole bag of worms for you because it'll suppress your natural testosterone production so you will need to run a PCT afterwards.
Adding muscle increases metabolism that burns fat. Anavar can preserve muscle but so can several compounds work hard watch diet and drink tons of water and you will shed weight
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