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Any Aus source ship to NZ

@liger404 - Thanks for the words, NZ customers welcome!

Looking for Pharma grade products?
PM me for more info - [email protected]

Plenty of happy customers, I can give you testimonials of the user on here.
Local pick up in Melbourne excepted
Postage interstate guaranteed, 1-2 business days

A reliable source for pharma grade, if you want to do it the right way!
Chur you going to build them up like kangaroos are ya champ! Lol
Just eat taro lads and eat cornbeef then u might get picked for the all blacks 🥸[emoji1362]
No, but you can always just import yourself I’ve used goes through customs 80 percent of the time only gotten one paper from the cunts at medsafe
Juice is always around in little ole sheep country! I travel in and out always offering gifts to friends [emoji16]
Just moved over the ditch to NZ.

Does anyone know of aus sources that might ship to nz?

Many kiwi's on this forum? Couldn't see any NZ sections on any major site. Or anything similar locally.

New source on here ships to NZ,body enhanments,look in the ' buy pharmaceutical products ' thread.i can vouch for this guy,has genuine pharma gear, Bayer,Sandoz etc.

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Actually he has posted top of this page,hit him up bro,you be a happy man
I have pharma products NZ domestic. Happy to help a few local boys out if you still waiting on international orders.
I went with hardcore sarms as nobody sponsored would ship. Thought it was worth the $. They have stock in NZ but only sarms and some basic pct stuff.

Turned out legit. Sarm did as it should. Mk tasted right and made me hungry. Super distinctive taste.

Some people question their dosage. I can't say to that however what I ordered was as expected.

What did you get through the Hotmail source? Do they have a website?
How did your hardcore SARMS source go
Hardcore SARMS work well mk makes me hungry and stuff but I started using proper stuff test , hcg etc much better than sarms and the results are incredible
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