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anyone else follow the KISS method for cycles?


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hey guys, just looking for opinions, and wanted to share an experience i had today.

i am 100% open and honest about my steroid use to everyone, except my mother.. i have a few good "gym bros" thats cycle, and we compare notes, opinions, and experiences together all the time. earlier today ain a group of 3, including myself we started talking about our winter bulking plans. keep in mind, im 5'9 180lbs atm, and pretty damn lean.. id say close, if not at 9%. i have no desire to become leaner, i just wanted to push myself to see if i could achieve it, i prefer to stay at 12ish. the other 2 guys have very nice physiques, but they arent as big as me. very lean, have that whole "beach body zyzz" look.

both of them were jokingly giving me shit, because they were outlining these crazy cycles, like 1g of test, 100mg of anadrol, and 700mg of tren E, and the other dude was going to run like 800 test, 800 deca, 70mg dbol, and over a gram of EQ. i personally feel like i have a better understanding of AAS, then them, but they are far from uneducated on the subject... they use AI's and caber, etc.

I told them i planed on just doing 14 weeks of test at 600mg, and 50mg dbol for the first 5 weeks. i have ran that cycle two times before, and its so simple and produces great results.. everyone is entitled to there own opinion, but i mean is it really worth it? neither of them, or me compete... it just seems like a greater health risk, and a greater price point, it seems to me like more people are using steroids as a crutch, instead of as something to supplement a good workout routine, and diet regime.

i dont know, im not really trying to vent, im just mostly bored, looking for a discussion, but something about that conversation made me want to grab them by the face and shake it like adam sandler in billy madison, lol. does this "grind gears" for anyone else? maybe im just too loud mouthed and over opinionated, lol.
While I have tried Higher Dosed Cycles over the years, it was more Experimental.

I'm Old School, so my 1st Couple of Cycles weren't anything like the Guys do today.

But also back then, everything was Pharma-Grade, there were No UGL's................................................. JP
With any Cycle, there reaches of Point of Diminishing Return.
So more is not Necessarily Better in this regard.
I believe in the 'less is more' way of cycling. Focusing more heavily on the nutrition aspect rather than relying on the gear. Lee Priest and Dorian Yates approached it like that(supposedly)! From low doses in comparison to high doses, I've found the less is more way effective!!! Also little to no sides whatsoever!

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I have been competing in bodybuilding since I was 15 years old and have worked with a lot of very prestigious and expensive trainers like John Meadows, Neil Hill etc. I have had friends who have hired extremely expensive coach like Chris Aceto, George Farah etc and seen all their programs first hand.

9 times out of 10 what a good coach does is to tell you to stop over thinking things and KISS. The diet, training and drug protocols from all these elite trainers were so simple it was almost mind blowing. The basics work and always will. Master the basics and you will get the results you want.
I always said that unless you are not a competing pro, you should not be using Anadrol, and you should really limit the dosages of the other gear you might be using. Bigger dosages don't always translate into greater results, but they do translate into more prominent side effects. Therefore, everything should be taken with moderation.
I like your thinking much better than your buddies. I am curious if they get blood work. After 700mg tren and orals like anadrol and dbol at high doses I would like to see how it effects them.
You need to experiment with yourself and see what works best. Honestly, some people cant handle tren, others love it. Some people get messed up skin on higher test, others dont. Its all individual
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