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On the subject of freebies, Isn't that between the distributor and the user?
If it's shit they'll say something publicly, the supplier is the only one at a loss.
The only way to trust anything or anyone is by their actions, Doesn't matter if everyone says rainbows shoot from their ass, It's the internet.

Where are you at getting approved? Have you started the process? whatever it is.
Hi all, great to be apart of the evo. Anyways. We are apex anabolics a small in-house lab, we are only stocking the basics as of just now Looking at getting into orals in the near future. We stock; Test e 250
Test p 100
Deca 200
Npp 100
Tren a 100
Primo 200 😘
Masteron 250

As of 14th of June we have offered to reimburse 2 free vials every order till the 20th, so long as you can supply us with some bloodwork to back our company. Currently working on jankoshik testing (can take a while) cheers apex.

Wickr: apexanabolix
Contact for pricing. Cheers.

Why i can't get your wickr on the board?
He is still trying to get approved………he is a sponsor on BOP. Apparently Evo aren’t taking anymore Aussie sponsors. Can a mod confirm?

You are spot on, we are hoping to get onto EVO as a second sponsor! I was told this thread had been active again so thought I would jump back on.

Have been trying to contact Mods off forum with no success. Last communication was that Aussie sponsor section was closed??

If Mods want to chat about what I can offer then please by all means get in touch. We plan to run multiple sales, give aways and competitions regularly so we feel we would be a great addition to the place.

Find us at

Wickr: AussieApex
Email: [email protected]
Or check us out on BOP forum

Hopefully see you all soon!!!!!!
aussie brothers...this is NOT an approved sources...DO NOT touch

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