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I'd pick some products up for local distribution, you can western union or just bitcoin? how would I accept payment?
What's the minimum order to be a distributor?

There are two plans: the Dropship-only plan and the Turnkey plan. Both require an initial $500 deposit to serve as your bank for any orders you have. Here is a brief example:

1. Deposit $500 into your Musclepay Wallet (bank)
2. Your website (either your own or one we build for you) gets an order.
3. This order is processed through your Musclepay porta.
4. The order total (minus your commission) is deducted from your Musclepay Wallet (bank).
5. The order is prepped and shipped directly from the ordered manufacturer.
6. Once shipped, you are given tracking to provide your customer.

If the Musclepay Wallet (bank) does not have sufficient funds to process your order, Musclepay cannot process the order until your Musclepay Wallet is replenished with sufficient funds. At any point, if you want to cash out or withdraw your funds, you can do this from your Musclepay Portal.
Hey guys please welcome musclepay to the forum. They are new sponsors

Click on their link and give it a good look.

Thank you for the warm welcome!

Basically I would get my own website or do I have to push the musclepay url? I am also on anabolex.

Thanks for checking us out! There are a couple ways to do this....

1. Dropship-Only, which gives you the option to sell our products on your website. Musclepay would ship all orders for you and you would provide your customer with the tracking number. All customer support would be taken care of on your end.

2. Turnkey is the all-inclusive option. It builds you a website on Musclepay's server. An example would be The site would come loaded with products we offer. The default price would earn you a 40% commission (same for Dropship) but you have the option to adjust prices and increase your profits. With Turnkey, you also have the added service of customer support for your Musclepay website. Our customer service would communicate and assist any customer contacting us from your site. These agents are available by email contact and Live Chat.
Glad to have Muscle Pay here for you guys. Great option for those that are interested.

Musclepay is NPC approved, I'm happy with them, already thinking about doing a dropship option for my clients.

bro i gonna start up my own company next year using this

welcome musclepay to the forum ... they accepting WU, Moneygram, BTC, and LTC.

Dropship, with the 40% or Turnkey both sound good.

Thanks, guys! Appreciate the support! Shoot me a PM if you have any questions.

I clicked but dont get it, I would have my username or any name I want as the pharma name?

The latter is correct. Your Musclepay URL is chosen in the website building process.

Not my thing, too many hidden issues

Appreciate your feedback. Would you be willing to elaborate more? I would be happy to discuss with you in PM if possible.
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