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[APPROVED] Nordic Fusion Canada

Hi brothers. Glad to be here. Here is a list of what we have and what we have coming soon

Oral Anabolics
Tbol 50tabsx20mg --------------
Anavar 50tabsx20mg ----------
Winny 100tabsx10mg----------
Tianabol (10mg var/10mg tbol per tab) 100 tabs x10mg-------
Tianabol (10mg var/10mg tbol per tab) 50 tabs x 10mg--------
Dbol 50tabsx20mg -------------
Anadrol 50tabs x 25mg--------
Anadrol 50tabsx50mg----------
Superdrol 50tabsx10mg-------
Proviron 50tabs x 10mg-------
Halotest 50tabsx10mg ------- out of stock
Primo ace 50tabsx20mg------out of stock

Aromasin 50tabsx12.5mg-------
Nolvadex 50tabsx20mg----------
Arimadex 50tabsx1mg-----------
Clomid 50tabsx50mg-------------
Letrozol 50tabsx1.25mg---------

Sexual Aids
Cialis 50tabsx20mg--------
Viagra 50tabsx50mg-------

Injectables 10ml bottles
Test Prop 100mg/ml-------
Test Prop 200mg/ml-------
Test Cyp 200mg/ml--------
Test Enth 250mg/ml-------
Tren Ace 100mg/ml--------
Tren Enth 100mg/ml------
Tren Enth 200mg/ml------
Mast Prop 100mg/ml-------
Mast Enth 100mg/ml-------
NPP 100mg/ml--------------
Deca 300mg/ml--------------
EQ 300mg/ml-----------------
Primo Enth 100mg/ml-----
Primo Ace 100mg/ml-------out of stock
Sust 250mg/ml---------------
Sust 350mg/ml---------------
T400 ----------------------------
Power Stack (tren ace 50mg/tren enth 150mg/ test enth 200mg per ml) ---
TNT 100 (100mg test enth/100mg tren enth per ml)-----------------------------

Fat Loss
Clenbuterol 50mcgx100tabs (Vermodje Brand)

HGH jeotropin 100iu kits --------------
Norvotropin 100iu kits---------------------
Belitropina 150iu kits ----------------------
Serostim (Pharm Grade) 126iu kits-------
HCG 5000iu ------------------(out of stock)

Nutrobol ---------- February
Ostarine------------ February
S4------ February
Cardarine---- February
We can ship outside of Canada but reshipping policies are in effect if seized as Canadian border is hard to deal with
Placing first order as of 01/02 small 1 Kit HGH 5 Sus250 looks like Ill be the test trial for USA will keep everyone posted
so far very pleased with Nordic order shipped with tracking number 1/6 projected to arrive 1/14 in all very smooth to deal with I will update when Pk is in

you can't order through website. It is just a showing of most of what we have to offer other than the peptides and gh kits. just pm me or Nordic F man. Or email [email protected] for price list and ordering information
Do you ship to US? I was going to place order with overseas company but figured it would be easier if the item is coming from CA. Thanks
Sorry boys. We would love to be able to ship to the USA for you but with having the border between us we don't want to get a bad rap for things that are out of our control. Last thing we need is to be branded as scammers for items that get seized
Well order has arrived and all looks good a little slow due to holiday weekend here in the states great job Nordic
Awesome. As long as the product gets to the end point thats all that matters for us all. Im glad you're happy with your purchase and hope to get some reviews on our product once you try it out
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