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Are orals worth it?

i have had really great success with anadrol which ive discussed many times... however its extremely harsh and not for everyone... I find that superdrol and halotestin are two of my most despised compounds that i will not go near.. i find them to be far far too harsh and not even remotely close to being worth it however this is up to the individual as some can tolerate much more than others... those two in particular seem to be overly harsh and cause far more problems than benefit and i simply do not see the risk vs reward adding up whatsoever...

here is a video i did discussing whether or not halotestin is worth it...

Halotestin is like devil lettuce (weed) grown in toxic soil. I have a love hate relationship with halo. I actually ended up trashing it because the sides simply were not worth for me to compete just to win a plastic trophy with a Dymo label attached.
Orals will definitely be toxic so you have to decide what is worth it. If you are thinking of running harsh drugs, getting big quick, and keeping it, that won't happen.
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