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Veteran Thread Are you thinking of competing on a bodybuilding stage? Tips and suggestions here

Veteran Discussion
pigsy, mobster and roidrage why all the hate?

I will take on any of you in anything. bodybuilding, powerlifting anything. portugese genetics are superior to american/british genetics anyday
Ok. I'll pay you $20 to close a No3 Ironmind's Captain's of Crush Gripper. Let's see those genetics at work. There are rules of course
I want to see him actually back up his words and make this happen, if he doesn't take the challenge then it's just words with no meaning
Let's be honest, ignoring possible national pride (all very silly at the best of times) 1) There's never been (to date) a Portuguese MrO 2) He doesn't live in Portugal but an island of theirs. He could claim that instead. 3) A LOT of replies, not just Monstros, could be where the replier hasn't read replies - qed a member thinking I'd hit 340 based on an earlier reply of someone else saying I might in another thread.

I WOULD like to see Monstro post tips here. He's had actual high level stage experience.
What a LOT of athletes do these days is either use Dream Tan (almost a cream) which can actually blur definition but is a one coat and go product or the competition sponsors tanning booth. But that can mean 2 applications and it's often $100 a pop.

I STILL recommend a base natural tan and that includes our darker skinned brethren.

It's also a GREAT idea to get someone to touch up tan and or the oil/glaze many used and this person MUST know what they're doing. Don't train and diet for 16 weeks and come on stage blotchy etc

Skin care too!!
Dream tan is banned here on Australia. If Sen using it your disqualified
Same with a other feds. It marks EVERY surface and some event locations have 'fined' promoters a shit load to clean up. Where they allow it they've had to cover walls in plastic sheeting. One 'trick' I knew a buddy did was to literally go outside the venue - tan up - cover up and come back in.
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