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Armwrestling steroid cycle

easy to tell if its fake when you are logging your progression
by posting pictures and letting us know about your side effects we can tell what is what
looking forward to seeing your log for sure
we need to be able to figure out out what changes need to happen on cycle
would be a really cool log Journal if you can get that going
would be the first one we've seen from an arm wrestler

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by posting your full pictures, diet, training it will allow us to help you more plus it will help others who are reading the log
arm wrestling is a very fun sport but it's also very dangerous
I know of many people who have had some devastating injuries
anadrol is good for size and strength
no clue what happened
maybe log it next time
Yeah, I will. It was Kenwoo Pharma Anadrol. I can't say I didn't gain strength. The problem was I switched to arm wrestling from bodybuilding training, and my forearm was toasted. I couldn't even hold the dumbbells. I got stronger in arm wrestling, but it could just be adapting to the new training.
have you considered using s23? it is essentially a steroid and will make you extremely strong, NO water retention, muscles hard as a rock and very low side effects on top of adding a lot of muscle... its a far far better option, not to mention you can run it longer than any oral steroid...

184cm (6′ 0.5)
80kg (175lbs)
BF 8-10%

I've been training for over 6 years. I finished my first 16-week cycle of 400mg test + 50mg Anadrol three months ago. I gained some weight and muscle, but not much strength. I suspect the Anadrol might be fake. Additionally, started arm wrestling just 2 months before the cycle and I couldn't really test my strength, because my muscles were stronger than my tendons and I had pain my elbows.

I have to watch out for weight, so I need to be cautious about water retention. However, I'm on the weight limit, so I can gain around 6-8kg, around 20lbs. My plan is to use a test base + EQ. Can I add in Dianabol too? Also, I have some Anadrol left. Or is it too much already?

I appreciate the help.

EQ DBOL TEST great cycle.....I am doing EQ SUST NPP and ANADROL for winter bulk
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