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Aromasin and hcg dosage


Coming off 12 week EQ and Test cycle. I have run 700mg EQ and 400 mg test prop for 10 weeks with superdrol for the first month. Coming off now and I plan on running the test prop for two extra weeks with HCG, followed by clomid, Nolva, and HCGenerate. I need help with HCG and aromasin dose. I have all pct on hand. I have 10,000 HCG in my possession. Please advise. I have looked at a couple different sites but of course getting lots of conflicting info.
^^^ 12.5mgs aromasin EOD, and 1000IUs of HCG per week for four weeks (three injections per week). But you really should have been using 12.5mgs of aromasin EOD throughout the entire cycle.
I would not use HCG, neither on cycle, nor off cycle, since its benefits are definitely not worth all the risks. It can cause such side effects as gyno and suppression, and it will barely do anything for your natural testosterone production. In fact, it only mimics the functions of LH and FSH, but it will not actually make them work. As a result, you will get an increased level of testosterone only while you take HCG, which will drop back down as soon as you stop using it. Therefore, it would make sense to use something that will cause less side effects and actually do something for your natural testosterone production. For instance, you can use HCGenerate ES - it will keep the plums big and functioning during the cycle, and it will be a great help for natural testosterone production during PCT, since it will make LH and FSH actually work. As a result, your body will keep producing testosterone even after you stop taking it. However, unlike HCG, it will not cause any side effects at all, and it is more convenient, since it is taken orally. Besides, the libido boost from HCGenerate ES is a sight to see.
look at the perfect PCT.. it is laid out for you perfectly, it is in the sticky

don't get cheap or clever with pct

also never use hcg in pct, it will actually delay recovery and suppress you
Thank you guys for the answers but I did go with HCGenerate ES on the last cycle and it did get my test level back up but it left my balls less than half what they were pre-cycle. I know some will laugh at this but really I would like to have my test levels come back as well as the jewels.

All that being said though, I will follow the vet advice given here and ditch the HCG. Sounds like it could get nasty.

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Oh yeah, and I never saw this raging libido on HCGenerate ES either 😑 Anything else I can add in PCT to help?
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