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ASHOP.IN Steroid Source Reviews

5 out of 5 rating for ASHOP.IN Steroid Source Reviews

This was my first ever source in 2008. I was unlucky the first time because the order was split into to packages and one of them was either lost of snagged at customs. They say if you mail in your customs letter, theyll send the order again for free, but i have never received one so i didnt do that. I've since used them at least 3 more times and i've gotten everything perfectly packaged within 2 weeks, the first cycle i bought was the one that took about a month, but that proved to be a fluke i guess. When coming from overseas i'm sure everything is about the same if it's from europe. Anyway, i've only ordered balkan gear from them, but they have a lot of other stuff. Everything i've received has been top quality pharmaceutical grade stuff. Tabs come neatly lined up stuck together with tape, so it's flat like real packaging would be. The $200 minimum purchase thing sucks, but he has great bulk discounts that i don't take advantage of enough. I haven't used them in about 2 years, but i assume they are still giving the same great service they gave me for 4 years.
Communication & Ordering process: ordering was easy as pie, and emails were always returned within 2-3 days if not the day of.
Delivery & Packaging: perfect.
Products Ordered: I've ordered balkan: test cypionate, equipoise, tren E, winstrol tabs, clomid, masteron, and some other test that came in ampules (i can't remember what it was called)
Product results and effectivenes: fantastic, all grade A meds
4 out of 5 rating for ASHOP.IN Steroid Source Reviews

Have only used couple times and always got order. . Only down fall very expensive to wu to them. .gear was good quality but inj did hurt.. Not sure y but would use again if I had toCommunication & Ordering process: easy and responds quickDelivery & Packaging: discreet especially stealth gearProducts Ordered: Test trenProduct results and effectivenes: results good just bit painful
5 out of 5 rating for ASHOP.IN Steroid Source Reviews

Good prices just expensive to get them funds
Communication & Ordering process: Good on communication and ordering is easy just expensive to get them money like $100 wu fee
Delivery & Packaging: Very discreet especially stealth oils
Products Ordered: Test tren
Product results and effectivenes: Good quality but had lots of pip
4 out of 5 rating for ASHOP.IN Steroid Source Reviews

Great prices
Communication & Ordering process: 1-2 day replies easy to talk to
Delivery & Packaging: Oils came great no breakage.
Products Ordered: Test, tren, clomid, adex, clen
Product results and effectivenes: Pending
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5 out of 5 rating for ASHOP.IN Steroid Source Reviews

i've used him a few times a couple years ago and i just recently placed a rather large order last week and i forgot to select a shipping method which resulted in my payment total being $20 dollars short. well i noticed this after i had already sent the money so i emailed alin what had happened and that i forgot to include the shipping costs and what he wanted me to do. I had a responce in less that 24 hours that it was not a problem and that i could just include it with my next order and that they will be shipping it that day:)
Communication & Ordering process: excellant
Delivery & Packaging: usually 2 weeks
Products Ordered: primo, test e, test p
Product results and effectivenes: TBA
5 out of 5 rating for ASHOP.IN Steroid Source Reviews

i have gotten 2 differnt order from them and all came in with in 2 week
Communication & Ordering process: communication was great never had a problem gettin a hold of them when i sent them a email asking a question
Delivery & Packaging: i would say for being over seas it was good never longer then 2 weeks
Products Ordered: dbol,cialis,tbol,live52
Product results and effectivenes: dbol was for a friend it was the bulking ones he loved the pumps he got from the gym and the cialis was good to go i would take it with out telling my girlfriend for a little surprise the tbol well that i was running at 60mg a day and i had to stop cuz i would wake up with crazy back pump but i still have a grip of them left over i will try again and just run them at a lower dose the live 52 well its live52 lol not much to say about that
5 out of 5 rating for ASHOP.IN Steroid Source Reviews

I ordered and received in 2 weeks flat no problems very simple
Communication & Ordering process: easy as pie
Delivery & Packaging: discreet ant total 2 weeks
Products Ordered: eq 200 stanazol 10 mg orderd 500 got 600 verry cool
5 out of 5 rating for ASHOP.IN Steroid Source Reviews

Great person to deal with. Had a hiccup but they took care of everything. Gear is legit
Communication & Ordering process: Communication was great, had a hiccup. But all was taken care of
Delivery & Packaging: Discrete and within 2-3 weeks
Products Ordered: Halotestin, Winnie, EQ, test, HCG.
5 out of 5 rating for ASHOP.IN Steroid Source Reviews

I have ordered from here three separate times over the last three years.. if you can handle waiting a couple weeks for the product, they're worth orderring from.. I generally use them to bulk order test c from, and for every 5ML pack I have, they add an extra .5 to 1 ML. They have done this with every order, and so fat with every product I've ordered.. I had bloods done while running 500mg of test c and my T levels came back just a cunt hair over 2200. Very pleased with these guys.. my first time orderring, I was nervous as hell, but was reassured every step of the way.. customer for life.Communication & Ordering process: email.. too easy.. usually responded within 24 hoursDelivery & Packaging: discreet (very discreet).. tight. never had damaged productProducts Ordered: Test Cypionate, StanazolProduct results and effectivenes: absolutely love it!
4 out of 5 rating for ASHOP.IN Steroid Source Reviews

I am in my 7th week of a 9 week cycle of a test prop only.This is my first ever cycle. I have gained around 8 lbs. Not what I was hoping for, but I'm the biggest I ever been. I am having a really bad time keeping up with the diet (no for lock of commitment or knowledge but for some other reasons). My body fat went from 18 to 14 percent. I look really good but not as big as I was expecting.
Communication & Ordering process: really good and easy
Delivery & Packaging: It took exactly one month from donation to delivery
Products Ordered: test prop from sp labs
Product results and effectivenes: No sure yet. 8 lbs is not as effective but is probably my fault due to this is my first ever cycle
5 out of 5 rating for ASHOP.IN Steroid Source Reviews

He's a very good guy who is honest and upfront. He is quick to respond and will never leave you hanging. I ordered from him a few times and have always been happy. Actually I believe he was the first person I ever ordered from many many years ago. He takes care of his clients and does whatever possible to help.
Communication & Ordering process: very good at getting back to me. he seems to always be online
Delivery & Packaging: without going into detail the packaging was very good. one of the best I have seen
Products Ordered: d-bol, test, deca, proviron
Product results and effectivenes: great results
4 out of 5 rating for ASHOP.IN Steroid Source Reviews

This is one of thesources I have used several times. They have a minimum purchase of $200 and the shipping takes a few weeks but legit gear and great customer service.
Communication & Ordering process: Communication was always prompt whether your askinga question or placing an order. Once ordered it usually takes a few weeks to receive so that part really sucks.
Delivery & Packaging: Merhcandise comes in pretty secured wrapped or taped depndent upon pills or injectables.
Products Ordered: They have discounts on stacks, i have ordered the cutting stack from them a few times. always legit, great results.
Product results and effectivenes: great pumps, inj are painless.
5 out of 5 rating for ASHOP.IN Steroid Source Reviews

I have made multiple orders and have never had an issue. Good people big fan of stealth its the way to go imo you wont have any shipping issues what so ever.
Communication & Ordering process: Always within 24 hours
Delivery & Packaging: Discreet & clean
Products Ordered: Sust, Tren ace, Test e, Dbol, letro, T3, EQ
Product results and effectivenes: All injectables were good to go.. Letro the Balkan was good but the SP was under dosed
5 out of 5 rating for ASHOP.IN Steroid Source Reviews

I've ordered a lot of turina from these guys in the past , balkin, and it worked awsome no complaints and shipping was always a td.
Communication & Ordering process: A
Delivery & Packaging: A
Products Ordered: turinabol
Product results and effectivenes: dosed accurately worked very well.
4 out of 5 rating for ASHOP.IN Steroid Source Reviews

Ordered many times between 2009 2011, always arrived in perfect shape.I even got a truckload of the first stealth packets, that pack was opened by customs and inspected sealed and shipped on its way to me lol.........Beautiful painful stuff in apricot oil I believe.
Communication & Ordering process: Good
Delivery & Packaging: Good
Products Ordered: TestE ,EQ, winni dbol
Product results and effectivenes: Even thing I have ordered produced nice gains.
4 out of 5 rating for ASHOP.IN Steroid Source Reviews

I've heard they selectively scam - but I've not had a problem yet. Have placed a handful of orders
Communication & Ordering process: Communication was pretty good - had to post on board to get a reply to my email a couple days after the ETA for response. Response was good when it came though
Delivery & Packaging: A+, perfect. always discreet - always intact. One time I thought they hadn't sent but they were just a few days late in providing tracking and had sent faster than advertised.
Products Ordered: Test P, Test C, Deca (Stealth)
Product results and effectivenes: I'll post my bloods when I find them. Went from local (personal friend) to international to domestic - so I won't be using ashop much now but have a few old bloods to share.
5 out of 5 rating for ASHOP.IN Steroid Source Reviews

Top quality Source. The balkan pharma is all famous and quality brand. never had an complaint with Balkan
Communication & Ordering process: 12-24 hours, easy and straight forward ordering process
Delivery & Packaging: dicreet, 6 days to my doorsteps
Products Ordered: Orals : proviron, t3, clenbuterol, winstrol, dianabol
Product results and effectivenes: did what it was supposed to do. Decent and well dosed orals
5 out of 5 rating for ASHOP.IN Steroid Source Reviews

they gave me promo code and i spent it with my normal order to see how this balkan is. i hear many good things about balkan especially the balkan tablets so i wanted try ashop because there r v famous on the internet and also some my friends shop here sometimes.
Communication & Ordering process: it was 24 hours answering back to me and they helpful
Delivery & Packaging: i am special impressed with the packaging. nobody can say what inside in the package. looking small simple letter or document.
Products Ordered: dbol, anastrozole (balkan)
Product results and effectivenes: when i start using dbol i start feel it first day if it is legit. so much aggression and power in gym. my feeling of exercise and to stay for longer in gym. arimidex also working nice and stopping for gyno. it is always better be safe so i never forget arimidex on cycle.
5 out of 5 rating for ASHOP.IN Steroid Source Reviews

thanks for the wonderful customers service Ashop
Communication & Ordering process: Excellent, i had few damaged vials in the packages which were not only replaced but sent me additional 5 vials as complimentary.
Delivery & Packaging: Packages firmly wrapped. 1 week on average to my mail box
Products Ordered: Sustamed
Product results and effectivenes: used 3 amps a week, high libido. oily skin, aggression and all kinds of sides i noticed while on pahrm grade sustanon. This stuff is definitely legit
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