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Ausjuice/Ausmeds suspended for possible scamming

no idea. best to get bloodwork done to give you some indication. looking at the photo closer it doesn't appear to have much powder in that vial
The vial you're holding looks empty,the vials behind,laying horizontal,look like powder is loosely packed,dumb use of words but I mean not vacuum sealed,should remain in a block at bottom of vial and move as one unit when inverted.
Isn't the bloods for gh done on reading igf1 levels.that give some accuracy to the results
There are alot of fake products that get around and other peptides would be an easy way to do it, they could mix igf1 and a ghrp together. The only thing they cant fake is the somatropin. Well they could because it is synthetic but at that point it would be easier to just produce the hgh. If they cant even get the spelling on the bottle right what else is?
In my opinion testing the product is the best way to see if its real not just blood work.
But if it works it works hey.
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