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no shit Sherlock. For a massivesparky your far from a bright spark. Just stick to your copy and pasting posts mate.
Did one copy and paste. For one of the tards that cant bother to do a bit of looking for what they want. And never said anything about being a bright spark, maybe a dim one at most 🤪
I will re-post this here for warning also.

There is a bunch of facebook groups/tik tok/instagram accounts impersonating us and scamming customers.

They are using our logo, branding and even putting our legit website url in their contact information to seem legitimate. The scammers will then use direct message or messenger apps to ask the user to pay them direct via bank transfer, pay ID or similar - directly through social media accounts.

I will state this again:
1. We do not have social media accounts
2. We will not ask for payment through messenger apps or social media. We've never accepted bank transfer/pay ID.
3. All orders are made through our official websites, no exceptions (see below) - you place an order and make payment through the website via cryptocurrency (BTC or ETH).
4. Our only communication channel is the email addresses listed below.

Official Website & Contact Information:

Be vigilant and if you see any groups or posts on social media please report them so they are taken down.

Ausjuice/auspharmacy are 100 legit. AusPost fucted up not him/them.
Anyone use hygetropin from Ausjuice? Did you take blood test? After injection 3.3 IU last night... I did not feel anything different. But I slept alot last night lol
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