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Ausjuice Test E - 2 days in the hospital

So did the OP get a diagnosis from the hospital as to what caused his symptoms (apart from sticking a big needle in his arse).
All this talk about is just blatant lies. Where are you people coming from? Is this just the same fake troll making all these accounts or what? We have never deleted a single negative review, that’s just bullshit. I had a heated debate with one of the sponsors recently because he wanted all these negative comments deleted and I refused. I shouldn’t have to come on here to defend our forum like this. And Ausjuice is not a co-owner where do you people get this shit from? Just throwing whatever crap you want to make up at a wall. We operated as a forum long before ausjuice joined us as a sponsor.

The OP has never posted this on our forum, what’s your username on ASF mate? I’ve gone through the entire section and nothing close to your issue and nothing deleted.

As Shelby said stop starting civil wars. We’re all in this together.

@Seventieschild I know you’re aligned with UGLoz but that doesn’t mean you make up crap about our forum? I’m not on any forum talking shit about Ugltalk. I wish them the best. Grow up and move on.

Everyone else who isn’t a troll check out our community. It’s based on positivity, education, no trolling or abuse, free HPLC testing of all sponsors with strict penalties for any failed tests, just facts. We want the best sponsors and so we run a strict testing policy and they have all happily agreed to our policy and are doing brilliantly well with their product quality and service.

If you want to check us out and make up your own mind join here:
Ausmeds. Ausjuice. Are both real.
To be clear we haven't received any emails or messages from OP to this point.

At this point it does not look like a legitimate post. Brand new account. Clearly intention to harm our reputation.

That's the issue with a non moderated forum, anyone can post anything they like unchecked or verified.

Anyway I'll reiterate if anyone has any issues, I'm here to help [email protected]

You mean censorship ?
Anyone can be censored on forums that can be hurt financially if the truth got out ? Is that what you mean ?
Silly bugger
Lmao so much bullshit is spouted here with 0 accountability,

can literally make up any bullshit half realistic sounding story about any lab without repercussions whatsoever, or be like Tigar calling Maverick a pedophile and other nonsense
Hey , we don’t talk shit about other forums mate . I suggest you apologise for that remark . Maverick is a good man .
Everything I’ve bought thru ausjuice/ausmeds was A1.
remember, no one says anything without an agenda.
Max (OG or not) does a whole lot right, dealt with him many times. I’m good.
Sounds like someone couldn’t handle the pippy so to speak . These are some big claims and we need a lot more context
The post and situation is completely false and made up. 9 Days on. Original Poster has not made any contact. They also signed up, made this post and never signed on again. They never posted on the other forums as verified by the mod. The post was aimed at damaging reputation. Obvious to all.
Yes that's exactly right,ASF are shit,here's the proof,they delete anything that they don't like,there's no transparency as they claim,forget them bro,Evo and ugtalk are the present and the you can raise an issue and the sponsors will and do rectify every single issue.nothing gets deleted,go with our sources here, body enhanments,hybrid labs,alpha labs, notorious labs,these guys have everything you will ever need and they all operate professional businesses,all A1 quality gear,and most important bro, customer service is outstanding.
What about ozpharm?
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