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Aussie sources

Sorry just seen this, just to conclude.. His concerns were met, we've chatted:

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Boxes have the QR code or scratch code, the scratch code on the box may have been bit hard to come off, if you scan the QR code it will take you, you will need to proceed to the webite, (it will mention to be aware of fakes or scams, but it is still directing you to the official website, you need to follow through to this website) and it will then give you confirmation it has been authenticated. Or you can manually type the scratch code through the website: or go through:
Also with the amps sometimes, the oil gets caught in the bottle neck, when its been tipped upside down. You will need to pull out all ten amps from the box and then flick the top of the amps for the oil to seep back down for you to compare. You then find they all

Also the ampules are all the same. if the box of amps have been tipped upside down the oil will get caught in the bottle neck. This is a common mistake you may find sometimes. You need to tap or flick the tip of the ampules and the oil will all move or seep down to the bottom. You will then see they are all aligned and equal.

Mentioning many people have received the same product from the same batch with no concerns and have been able to verify the products just fine.

He is a good bloke from our convo, some people just have genuine questions or concerns and always happy to help answer them.
🙋‍♂️I should have emailed privately.
I had a brain explosion, no other excuse really and because of this I’ll revisit this thread in five and post results.
Hi all, I am new to evo but not new to training and gear (although I have had a long time out from gear, 10 years, and been taking it easy training too.
Looking to run a TRT type cycle for a couple of months before I build it up a little so probably 100-200mg test per week but may go up to 300mg depending.

Looking for a decent Aussie source and for now prefer one that takes bank or credit card (if such a thing exists) as I CBA verifying my binance account as been out of crypto since the bear market started. lol.

Who is the cheapest sources that are approved by here? I don't mind in-house brewing either (I may know a thing or two about that, lol) as long as they have a decent setup. It can be as good as pharma as long as the quality is high and clean environment with filters and a decent autoclave.

Thanks in advance.
hit up HOG wont dissapoint, life time of knowledge king in the game.
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