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Took him 8 years of juicing ozgear to get them traps,he's over on anabolic thread asking what best steroid to get huge shoulders,just gonna train shoulders cause he's getting to big everywhere else,lol,hahaha I just nearly pissed myself laughing writing this
Upload some pics of you.
Upload some pics of yours you twat.
Upload some pics of you.
Im just fucking with you bro, nothing wrong with your pic,we all start the same and all grow different,we start and never stop,forever changing and honing our physique,will post pics soon as I can sort it,I get to attach then select but the photos always have my google account and name at top.anywahs bro shouldn't be a dick at someone else's expense,nothing personal,just mucking around.keep training,keep learning.thats what we do.
Recently put an order in with Apex on the 28th of September. Still havent received anything and wont respond to my message asking for a tracking number. Not sure if there is auspost delays but i would of thought id have received the package by now...
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